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Broaden your Honors College network by living in a residential Changemaking Community. Continuing students enrolled in the Honors College have the option of applying to live within dedicated honors residential Changemaking Communities throughout the Rutgers-New Brunswick campuses. These integrated communities provide Honors College students with the opportunity to foster new connections while maintaining a sense of community with their HC cohort and the support of a Changemaking Mentor. 

Residential Changemaking Communities are the only Honors College housing options for continuing students. If you select one of the housing options below, you will automatically be participating in the residential Changemaking Community. Learn more about what it means to participate in a Changemaking Community. There are no participation requirements to live in the residential Changemaking Communities.

  • The list of residential Changemaking Communities for the 2024-25 academic year can be found below.
  • You must complete both the General Housing Application and the Honors College Housing Application in order to be considered for housing. You must complete the General Housing Application first, then the Honors College Housing Application will become available. Applications will be available on Monday, January 22, 2024 and close on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.
  • Students are able to select one to five roommates (for a maximum group size of six) in this process.
    • Please note, your group size drives what you see in Honors College housing. If you have a group of six, you will only see Thomas Suites as an option. If you have a group of four or less, you will see all options available. Priority will go to full groups that fill the space you are selecting.
    • Please note that all groups applying for Honors College housing must be Honors College students. Otherwise, you will need to participate in the General Housing process.

Stay tuned to the Inside The HC Newsletter for information on HC Continuing Student Housing info sessions in December 2023 and January 2024!

Residential Changemaking Communities | 2024-25 Options

The following locations have been reserved for Honors College communities:

Busch Campus

College Avenue Campus

Cook/Douglass Campus

Livingston Campus

Info Session Passcode: +ZL2W0x!

UPDATE: Please note that Newell Apartments has been changed to two bedroom singles and will no longer be two bedroom doubles as advertised on the Residence Life website or in the Zoom info session linked above.

Housing Selection Options

Information regarding the General Housing selection process can be found on


Honors College students who are in good academic and judicial standing are eligible to apply for housing in our residential Changemaking Communities. This means that students should not be on continued probation with their academic school and the Honors College. Students should also not have outstanding serious violations with the Office of Student Conduct when applying for housing.

Presidential Scholars

Presidential Scholars are guaranteed on-campus housing for all four years. Recipients to Rutgers University – New Brunswick are required to live on campus during their first two years, regardless of earned degree credits or class year status. Presidential Scholars who live on campus and receive the room and board allowance in their first two years may use the allowance on- or off- campus in their third and fourth years of undergraduate study. The 4-year housing guarantee applies only to the individual Presidential Scholar, not to a roommate, suitemate, or housemate.

Off-Campus Housing

Honors College students who choose to live off campus are still required to submit their term bill. If funds remain after the scholarship has covered the cost of tuition and fees, the student will receive a refund, typically within the first two weeks of the semester. Please note that Presidential Scholars must live on campus their first two years. Students who may be considering living off campus are strongly encouraged to connect with the Office of Off-Campus Living and Community Partnerships. Off Campus Living & Community Partnerships provide additional support to students who may have difficulty accessing healthy food options while living off campus. Visit the Rutgers Student Food Pantry webpage to learn more. 

Housing Selection Number

All eligible Honors College students who wish to reside in Honors College housing must apply for a housing selection number via by Tuesday, February 5, 2024.The date and time you apply does not affect your selection number. Once your application is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to your email account on file with the Residence Life Assignments Office.

Honors College Housing Application

Students must complete the application for the Honors College housing option via by Tuesday, February 5, 2024. Please note that the Honors College Housing Application will be available once you have completed the General Housing Application, meaning you must complete the General application first. Students will have the option of requesting their roommates. Honors College students should select one to five roommates, regardless of the housing location or preference. Each roommate must log onto the on-campus portal and input the name and RUID of their desired roommate(s). All roommates must be enrolled in the Honors College; you will not be eligible for HC housing if non-HC students are requested. All roommate requests must be mutually requested in order to qualify as a confirmed group. Please note, the application deadline is before selection number notification, which means students must complete the Honors College Housing application even though lottery numbers will not be assigned until later.

A reverse priority system is used within the Honors College housing selection process, with priority going to rising sophomore students (current first-year students). Class year will be determined by what is listed via your school affiliation when you apply for Honors College Housing. Eligibility will also be determined by the lowest housing selection number within the group. For apartment or suite-style living, groups of four to six will receive priority.


Once all communities have been filled, students will be waitlisted based on their lottery number. Students will be notified of vacancies as they become available. Waitlisted students may choose to participate in the general housing lottery process. Students who do not participate in the Honors College housing application process will not be considered for vacancies in Honors College residential communities.

Questions, comments, and concerns regarding the honors housing application process may be directed to

Douglass Residential College

If you decide to select Douglass Resident College housing, you will automatically be assigned to a DRC living space and cannot apply for or select an assignment in the Honors College Housing process. Your acceptance to DRC housing would supersede any subsequent applications and waive your participation  in any future selection process. Questions and concerns regarding the DRC selection process may be directed to Ellen Lieberman at

Questions, comments, and concerns regarding the Honors College housing application process may be directed to