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Portrait of Maya Ravichandran, Photo Courtesy of Maya Ravichandran

Honors College Student Awarded Second Marshall Scholarship

Maya Ravichandran, an HC student whose extraordinary interdisciplinary undergraduate work set her apart, was one of only 46 students in the nation awarded the postgraduate scholarship. The profound experience of losing her grandfather to leukemia when she was only 5 continues to guide Maya as she pursues a career as a physician-scientist working with artificial intelligence (AI).

Photo of the author of this article standing in front of trees.

Root Song

Resilience in the Age of COVID-19, an HC Series. For Gavin, the disappointments that came with the pandemic led him to explore nature. He says, "...While human nature determines how we grieve, our human experience determines how we emerge from grief stronger and more resolute. When the pandemic made one summer job unfeasible, I looked towards something else. When the trees couldn’t grow any higher, they grew more leaves..."

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