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Stephanie Tu - Boeing

Landing the Opportunity to Work for Boeing
Stephanie ('19, SOE/HC) aims to challenge the misconception of engineering as boring calculations done by men in cubicles. By getting involved with research and the Society of Women Engineers, she went on to intern and secure a full-time role in an engineering rotational program at Boeing.

Akshay ('19, SAS/HC)

HC Student on a Path with Purpose
"Engaging with others who have a heart, who are vastly knowledgeable in their fields, and who work hard can help you reach new limits.” Forbes Under 30 Scholar Akshay ('19, SAS/HC) shares his thoughts on service and progress of his team's start-up, conceived in the HC Innovation Lab.

Yash Sanghavi - Entractiv smart mirror

An HC Capstone: Reflecting on Entractiv
Originally meant to be a wedding gift, one design project turned into an entrepreneurial venture for Yash ('19, RBS/HC). His work developing Entractiv, a smart technology start-up, and leading an interdisciplinary team of students serves as his Honors College Capstone Project.

Rutgers ShieldThe Honors College is a community built on shared respect and responsibility. We value and embrace the diversity of our students as a hallmark of what higher education should be, and we re-affirm our commitment to welcome and support all of our students. We encourage any of our students in need of additional support to contact us. We stand with Chancellor Molloy in his message: Our Hearts Are with New Zealand.


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