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Portrait of Maya Ravichandran, Photo Courtesy of Maya Ravichandran

Honors College Student Awarded Second Marshall Scholarship

Maya Ravichandran, an HC student whose extraordinary interdisciplinary undergraduate work set her apart, was one of only 46 students in the nation awarded the postgraduate scholarship. The profound experience of losing her grandfather to leukemia when she was only 5 continues to guide Maya as she pursues a career as a physician-scientist working with artificial intelligence (AI).

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Student inspecting grapes in a vineyard.

Pruning: Grapevines & Life

Resilience in the Age of COVID-19, an HC Series. For Jake Rattigan, the disappointments that came one after another over these last several months led him to explore an unexpected and fulfilling summer working in a vineyard. He says, "...I knew that I needed to reflect on what I wanted—and what I needed—to move forward." The vineyard provided him a crucial opportunity to reconnect with nature and reflect on life.