Study Abroad and Global Education

Global education

Go abroad for a year, a semester, or a summer!

Study in a different culture, a new (to you) land, and in a foreign language; it is among the most exciting and intellectually rewarding educational opportunities you will find.

Today's students are more global-minded and internationally engaged than those of any previous generation. And the best time to seize on those traits is now, while you are in school. 

Study Abroad programs remain the gold standard for pursuing academic studies in other countries. Today's programs are multifaceted and varied, including the traditional year or semester abroad, summer programs, but also short, intensive experiences of one to three weeks during traditional periods of breaks between semesters.

While abroad you will take classes and you can also expand your enrichment by touring various well-known and rarely visited historical and cultural sites, participating in an internship, teaching in a school, working in a clinic, observing wildlife in the field, or savoring local cuisine, all while earning Rutgers credits. Many programs have English-based instruction, language lessons as an added part of the program, or challenge you completely through in-language classes and home-stays.

The benefits of world travel are universal. There will be inspiration anywhere, whether it’s in a cathedral, the wilderness, the mountain ranges, or the local communities. 
Honors students have special international travel opportunities tied to Honors Interdisciplinary Seminars led by faculty. 

Study Abroad Programs


  • Fall 2023: Japan [Details forthcoming]
  • Fall 2023: South Africa [Details forthcoming]


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