The Honors College is built on a legacy of honors education at Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Our curriculum redefines interdisciplinary education by inviting students from across the liberal arts and professional schools to live and learn together to tackle complex problems and global challenges.

“Where there is something to learn, I will explore.”

Through an integrated and collaborative approach, students learn to be flexible enough to adapt to an ever-shifting landscape of knowledge. They benefit from the unparalleled combination of the vast resources at Rutgers, a leading global research institution, and the Honors College community where coursework is done in small groups. They go beyond the idea of innovation for its own sake to explore change in a deeper way.

“Where there is a new voice, I will listen.”

The Honors College is part of the most diverse university in the Big Ten. From ethnicity and socioeconomics, to gender and academic focus, this diversity is central to our curriculum. Students bring their experiences, creativity, and perspectives to the table, and by working with faculty and with each other, they develop their own creative abilities to take on the defining challenges of our time.

“Where there is a need, I will help.”

At the Honors College, students learn how to develop ideas from the beginning of their college experience through research opportunities, mentorships with faculty and business advisers, internships in the field, intensive development and seed funding as fellows at the Honors College Innovation Lab, and more. Through professional development, they learn to present their ideas in compelling and impactful ways so that they can ultimately move their ideas forward.

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