Student Support & Inclusive Communities

The Student Support and Inclusive Communities team is made up of staff and students. Our team is dedicated to:

  • Recruiting and retaining a diverse student body representative of the state of New Jersey
  • Connecting students to staff, faculty, and student leader support to meet their health and wellness needs
  • Providing students with diverse and inclusive spaces to foster connections and enhance sense of belonging at the Honors College
  • Introducing students to Changemaking Communities and programs focused on service, social justice, and social change

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Inclusive Excellence Programs

Diversity Peer Education Program

Since 2016, The Diversity Peer Education Program (DPE) has been dedicated to spreading cultural awareness and sensitivity as well as promoting diversity and social justice within the Honors College community. DPE works with Honors College student leaders and organizations to host and facilitate custom workshops related to social justice and diversity.

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Generation HC Program

The Generation HC Program (Gen HC) is a program that engages and supports first-generation Honors College Students by providing early move-in along with access to a yearlong Gen HC Mentor. Throughout the year students may meet with their first-gen mentor and participate in Gen HC programming, a first-year Byrne seminar just for Gen HC students, and much more.


Affinity Groups

The Honors College Affinity Groups are culture-based and work with the Honors College Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition to provide safe spaces for our diverse student population. Affinity Groups are student led and provide students with a place to discuss issues directly impacting their experiences at the Honors College and in the greater Rutgers community.

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HC Speaks

HC Speaks provides a time and space for students and faculty to engage in civil discourse about controversial topics, pressing issues, and current events impacting our community. Historians and scholars are invited to facilitate discussion, providing a platform for students to discuss current moral and social issues with a goal to bridge the divide across political and social differences. HC Speaks encourages civil discourse on challenging issues deeply embedded in the fabric of American society.

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Cuts from the Culture

Cuts from the Culture is an entirely student led initiative that allows Honors College students to explore relevant cultural topics through an innovative and non-traditional panel led by HC students. The topics explored during Cuts from the Culture often impact marginalized communities. The provocative and honest discussions that take place allow participants to not only discuss topics of today but to also grow in perspective by seeing how these topics impact students and generations to come. Previous discussions have explored different ethnic backgrounds regarding race, culture, and the blurred lines in between, specifically focusing on whether race is as simple as black and white.

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Photo of Jilly Matje

Jilly Matje

Undergraduate Intern for the Four-Year Experience

Photo of Justin Najimian

Justin Najimian

Graduate Intern for Community Service, CCC Peer Instructor

Photo of Maithili Patel

Maithili Patel

Graduate Coordinator for First Generation and Wellness Initiatives

Peri Vikatos

Peri Vikatos

DEI Initiatives Intern


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