Faculty Fellows

The Honors College draws on faculty and fellows from across the university to teach, mentor, advise, and enrich the day-to-day experience of Honors College students, who interact with them in class, the fireside lounge, the field, or the lab.

Particularly unique to the Honors College living-learning community are our Faculty Fellows in Residence.

Meet Our Honors College Faculty Fellows in Residence

The Faculty Fellows not only teach at the Honors College—they also live there. In fact, the Faculty Fellows are integral to the Honors College experience. Field trips, dinners together, and informal discussions at the coffee bar provide opportunities for Honors College students to live and learn with Faculty Fellows.


Image of J.D. Bowers

J.D. Bowers

Dean, Faculty Fellow and Professor of the Practice

Aaron Mazzeo

Aaron Mazzeo

Honors College Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor

Mary Chayko

Mary Chayko

Honors College Faculty Fellow and Distinguished Teaching Professor of Communication and Information