Welcome Honors College Alumni!

Alumni of the Honors College, beginning with the inaugural Class of 2019, are encouraged to continue to engage with their scholarly community through mentorship for current students and fellow alumni, helping to cultivate internship and job opportunities, participating in on-and-off-campus events, and generous support. 

You will always have a home at the Honors College New Brunswick, and we look forward to our alumni continuing to contribute to the success of the Honors College community. There are many opportunities to get involved, which are open to all Honors College alumni, parents, and friends. Each is an important extension of the Honors College community.

All Honors College Alumni are invited to connect with past classmates and underclassmen in our official Honors College New Brunswick LinkedIn Group. Simply search for the group in LinkedIn by typing the group name in the search bar and request to join: Honors College, Rutgers University–New Brunswick. Requests are reviewed on a bi-weekly schedule.

If you are an Honors College alum interested in the opportunities below, please contact Andrea Rydel, Assistant Dean.

  • Sharing an internship, full-time or part-time job, or research opportunity to recruit Honors College undergraduate or young-alumni talent 
  • Serving as an alumni mentor in our Annual Career Mentorship Week offering 30-minute virtual 1:1 appointments 
  • Hosting a stand-alone Master Class or series on trending industry topics 
  • Hosting a Peak Performance workshop to aid our students in elevating their professional toolkit

Alumni are invited to the following annual events:

  • Grad School Personal Statement Workshop in September
  • Honors College Academic Showcase in December & April
  • Special invitations for limited seating guest speaker events 
  • HC Career Mentorship Week each Fall to mentor current undergraduates