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Premed Programs Gives Students Savings, Study Outside Science

By Tom Haydon | TAP into New Brunswick

Nine Rutgers University students have begun a pre-medical school program that ensures entrance to medical school and allows them to pursue studies and degree outside of science.  

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Rutgers program guarantees admission to medical school

By David Hutter |

Rutgers University has eliminated the Medical College Admission Test this semester for a cohort of nine first-year students who are being offered a guaranteed seat in medical school.  

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Putting a business idea to the test

Susan Todd | Rutgers Business School

The Sulis team is crowdfunding to pay for a pilot of their water purification system in India next month. It’s another step in the team's quest for the $1 million Hult Prize...
As a concept, Sulis got its start in a social innovation class at Rutgers-New Brunswick Honor College, where Modak began collaborating with Osumi and Pomeranz. The idea was selected as a project for the Innovation Lab, an incubator within the Honors College, where the three students, joined by Mendelow, have continued to develop the technology at the heart of Sulis, which uses ultraviolet light to sanitize water – about 12 liters in seven hours.

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Former NFL quarterback Don McPherson, anti-violence activist, visits Rutgers

Noa Halff | The Daily Targum

McPherson, a College Football Hall of Fame member and anti-violence activist, held a discussion focused on language that set a narrow definition of masculinity and degrade women at the Rutgers Honors College on the College Avenue campus.

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SULIS: Redefining Liquid Sunshine wins Hult Prize at Rutgers Competition

Sean Ireland | Rutgers Business School

The newly formed Honors College at Rutgers University was envisioned as “a living-learning community focused on tackling complex problems and global challenges.” Four students and their faculty advisors just put that theory into practice. Honors College students Yuki Osumi ('20/School of Arts and Sciences), Sarah Pomeranz ('20/Rutgers Business School), and Anurag Modak ('20/SAS), with Ari Mendelow (‘18/School of Engineering) won the Hult Prize at Rutgers University Competition on December 8. Johnson & Johnson, one of the sponsors of the competition donated the $1,000 first prize.

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Johnson & Johnson Teams with Rutgers to Advance Women's Education in STEM Fields

Rutgers Today

The company has entered into partnerships to build a more diverse workforce and improve the health and well-being of people around the world...

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Honors College, Johnson & Johnson create initiative to promote women in STEM fields

Samantha Karas | The Daily Targum

Women make up 47 percent of the total U.S. workforce, yet when it comes to the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, they remain largely underrepresented...A recent collaboration between the Rutgers—New Brunswick Honors College and Johnson & Johnson is aiming to change those statistics.

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Rutgers University-New Brunswick Dedicates Residential Honors College

Rutgers Today

New facility expands honors education as the university prepares to celebrate its 250th anniversary...

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Rutgers University’s New Honors College Slated to Open this Fall

The Star-Ledger

Rutgers University’s new honors college slated to be ready for the fall 2015 semester.

Cover story: The Best of the Best

Rutgers Magazine

An Honors Education for the 21st Century.