"The Rules" for 5 Seminary Place

Student playing piano in the Fireside Lounge and other students hanging out around the coffee bar area

Living in 5 Seminary Place—Our Community

We live in a vibrant and multi-faceted community that includes students from all across the nation and throughout the world, our residential faculty, and first-year and returning students, as well as our many non-resident faculty, administrative team members, and distinguished guests (including parents, alumni, supporters, and community members) who come into the building. As such, we need to have rules that support a respectful and welcoming environment and promote a successful residential experience.

We engage in collective responsibility for our community, and everyone’s assistance is necessary to maintain a respectful and vibrant campus. Please keep the following procedures and rules in mind. Thus, we present to you ... "the Rules"!

  The Doors

No, not the band, the actual doors. Did you know we have more than a dozen (that's right,13, a baker's dozen) points of access? But for the safety and security and accessibility of all, including you, do not block them, never ever prop them, do not allow random people access, or other such behaviors. Have your ID with you at all times and be prepared to use it when the doors are locked. 


They're fun, they're quick, and they're a ubiquitous part of our campus environment. But they also become obstacles to access, nuisances, and overall unsightly. No scooters are allowed in the Courtyard. All scooters brought to the HC must be parked on the upside of the access ramps and only in the designated area of the patio, or even better, in the parking area outside East/West Academic Building. Please use them wisely and park them respectfully; we do have members of our community with accessibility needs that can be impeded by carelessness.

  Lounge Furniture and Patio/Courtyard Furniture

Lounge furniture can be moved around to suit your group dynamics (except for the long study tables), but lounge furniture stays in the lounges; please don't move it into the Seminar Rooms (and vice-versa with seminar chairs into the lounges), and please do not take it outside. 

For that matter, the outside furniture is just that ... outside furniture. Keep it there. And be gentle. Much of it breaks easily or when carelessly pulled, dragged, or thrown. We have limited capacity to replace it, so treat it nicely so we can all enjoy the great outdoors.


While we love hearing beautiful music from our piano, we ask that you please play softly while classes are in session on weekdays, 9:50am-5:50pm. The piano should not be played at all during quiet hours Sunday-Thursday, 11pm-10am, and Friday and Saturday, midnight to 10am.

No drink or food should be placed on the piano at any time. Liquids can ruin the finish and destroy the sounding board.

  Seminar Room Usage

Carry in-Carry out...please leave the seminar rooms as you found them. Please:

  • Write on the whiteboards only and erase them when you're done
  • Do not disconnect the computer
  • Remove all trash and put tables and chairs back in place

Note—at 10pm, the Cleaning Staff will arrive. Please leave rooms promptly and, after they are done, no food or drink is allowed.

You may use the rooms until midnight.

  Mail, Packages, Shipments, Etc.

Use your Rutgers mailing address as assigned by Rutgers Mail Services. Do not, under any circumstances, change your address or have people send you mail to the 5 Seminary Place address. Any packages or mail sent to 5 Seminary Place for a student will be returned to sender or the shipment rejected. Just don't do it, especially because it could be a birthday card from someone who cares for you or it could be a summons for jury duty in Middlesex County (hey, they now think you live here), both of which could be lost in the return process. And that single-day Amazon delivery becomes a lot longer if the driver is told that the shipment won't be accepted.

  Main Floor Flyer Posting Policy

Please keep the following procedures and rules regarding posting in mind when posting on the Honors College Main Floor:

  • Honors College organizations, university departments, academic units, faculty, staff, and students may post on bulletin boards; no individual/group outside the university will be permitted to post.
  • General posting is only allowed on the University Events designated bulletin board in the Druskin (South) Lounge. At no time should material be posted or affixed on vehicles, trash cans, trees, sidewalks, elevators, support columns, lamp posts, bathrooms, water fountains, hallways, buildings, benches, vending machines, telephone poles, windows, or doors.
  • The organization sponsoring the event must have its name and contact information (phone number and or email/website) of the sponsoring group (or individual) visibly printed on the front of all publicity materials (poster, flyers, etc.).
  • Due to space limitation, there will be a size limit of 8.5in x 11in (letter size) for bulletin board postings.
  • If the organization is promoting an official Honors College-sponsored program, a specific footer graphic must be displayed.

On Main Floor Posting Boards, it is the responsibility of the party receiving approval to not only post the material, but to remove the material within 48 hours of the event. Approved materials may be posted no more than two weeks prior to the event.

Please Note:

  • Only one flyer per group, per posting board.
  • Posting over or removing existing material is prohibited.
  • Items may only be posted with pushpins or tacks. NO STAPLES, NO TAPE.
  • The Honors College reserves the right to remove any flyers whose program date has passed or those that do not comply with the Posting Policy.

  Faculty Fellows

We're your first adult neighbors and we hope you will interact and engage with us as such, but also be respectful of our boundaries and needs. We all have family members who live with us either full-time or part-time and we need our own personal space and down-time too. That being said, we are also here to assist you, befriend you, create memories and help fulfill your educational experience. We look forward to being neighbors, being involved, and helping you along your path.

Thank you!

We know that there are a lot of different ideas and expectations, but if we remember that we collectively live here and that we both desire respect and want to be shown respect, we ask that you follow these rules for the benefit of all.