Cleaning Water with Sunshine


Sulis Water International, Inc. seeks to solve one of the most pressing global issues of our time by providing access to sanitized water to communities in need by introducing an energy-efficient water sanitization device that will be sustainable, profitable, and revolutionary. Two billion people worldwide currently rely on contaminated water sources for their everyday needs. Available water sanitization methods are often expensive, infeasible for large-scale use, or involve using toxic chemicals. Sulis is effective at producing potable water without requiring infrastructure or use of electricity. It is unique in its affordability, versatility, scalability, sustainability, and its ability to generate local employment. Our first product is a modular, solar-activated water sanitization device that decomposes organic contaminants and neutralizes pathogenic species in a container of water, consisting of our proprietary metal catalyst inside of a plastic container. When placed outside, sunlight activates the catalyst to sanitize the water in the container. In addition, the modular design of our device entails that our users can easily build arrays to more effectively cover unused spaces such as the roofs of their homes as they generate large quantities of sanitized water. The Sulis technology operates under a broad range of conditions and can sanitize large quantities of water more effectively and at a lower cost than current methods. In addition, the Sulis device is low-cost and has a long, durable life-span. In essence, the Sulis technology improves upon existing technologies and methodologies by reducing cost and increasing sustainability.

Team Members

Anurag Modak
Anurag Modak
Ari Mendelow
Ari Mendelow
Sarah Pomeranz
Sarah Pomeranz
Yuki Osumi
Yuki Osumi




  • November 2017 | Rutgers EcoComplex Best Innovation in Green/Alternative Energy Award, Recipient
  • September 2018 | Food Niche, Inc. 2018 Young Innovators Award, Recipient

Pilot Programs:

  • July 2018 - August 2018 | Mumbai, Maharashtra, India 
  • July 2018 - August 2018 | Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India 


  • February 2018 - March 2018 | NSF-Rutgers iCorps, Member of Cohort 1
  • July 2018 - August 2018 | Hult Prize London Accelerator, Member of 2018 Cohort 
  • June 2018 - October 2018 | CleanTech Open Northeast Accelerator, Member of 2018 Cohort


  • February 2018 | Columbia Energy Ventures Showcase, (Columbia University)
  • October 2018 | Clinton Global Initiative University 2018 (University of Chicago)
  • TBD | Clinton Global Initiative University 2020/2021 (University of Edinburgh)


  • November 2017 | Rutgers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expo Pitch Competition, First-Place Winner
  • November 2017 | Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards New Jersey Regional Competition, First-Place Winner
  • December 2017 | Hult Prize at Rutgers University, First-Place Winner
  • January 2018 | Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards USA National Competition, Finalist
  • February 2018 | Rutgers University Business Plan Competition, Top 15 Semifinalist
  • February 2018 | PSEG Innovations in Food Sustainability Competition, Second-Place Winner
  • March 2018 | Rutgers Global Change Challenge Competition, Second-Place Winner
  • March 2018 | Hult Prize Boston Regionals, First-Place Winner
  • April 2018 | RWJ Biomedical Entrepreneurship Network Health Innovation Summit, Finalist
  • April 2018 | TCU Ventures and Values Competition, Third-Place Winner
  • April 2018 | MIT Clean Energy Prize, Finalist
  • January 2019 | Baylor New Ventures Competition, Top 50 Finalist
  • November 2019 | Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards New Jersey Regional Competition, First-Place Winner
  • December 2019 | Lemelson-MIT Prize, Semi-Finalist
  • December 2019 | T-Mobile Changemaker Challenge, Semi-Finalist
  • January 2020 | Baylor New Ventures  Competition, Top 10 Finalist
  • January 2020 | Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards USA National Competition, Finalist

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