Forum, the Honors College Mission Course


The Honors College Forum is a truly interdisciplinary mission course focused on tackling global issues through social impact while teaching students how to transform their ideas into action. Through the Forum, students develop traits and non-cognitive skills—such as critical thinking, problem solving, social interaction, persistence, creativity, introspection, and more—that will help them contribute meaningfully to society and succeed in life.

During the Forum, students engage in critical discussions through plenary sessions with distinguished guest speakers and in small workshop sections organized around interdisciplinary project-based teams, each working for an entire semester to develop and present a detailed plan for a change-making product, service, or initiative. Students are required to take the Honors College Forum in their first year in either their first or second semester.


Past Forum Speakers

Forum Speakers

The Forum invites distinguished change-makers from Rutgers and around the world to focus on key topics within the syllabus. Each speaker’s presentation is integrated into the work the students are doing in individual sections and outside the classroom.

Recent Forum Winners

Innovation Lab

Mukesh Patel with Honors College students in the HC Makerspace

The Forum teams committed to implementing their projects may be considered for the more advanced Honors College Innovation Lab, where they receive support and resources toward the development, refinement, and launching of a social impact enterprise.


Beyond the Forum

Beyond the Forum opportunities

Through interdisciplinary, project-based learning, the Forum strengthens critical skills, helping Honors College students to apply what they've learned in the Forum within new settings and ultimately become global citizens and exceptional leaders.

Contact Us

For any Forum related questions, please contact:

Talia Robbins | Assistant Teaching Professor and Lead Instructor of the Forum