Honors College Innovation Lab


The Innovation Lab is an experiential and practicum course that uses a multidisciplinary and collaborative approach to teach students innovative and creative design-thinking at the intersection of business and social enterprise, as well as the practical aspects of launching and leading a social innovation start-up venture. 

This course is the natural next step for students who have taken the Forum, the Honors College mission course, and have a desire to commercialize their ideas into actual social innovation ventures. Honors College students without a team or project are welcome in the class and will be matched with a continuing or new team. Students from outside the Honors College may join the Innovation Lab by teaming up with an Honors College student to work on a social innovation project or idea. The class is led by the Honors College Director of Innovation, Mukesh Patel.


Innovation Lab Teams

At the core of the Innovation Lab are the student teams and their social innovation ventures. Through the Lab these teams have developed their ideas, created advisory boards, pitched their projects, and moved towards implementation.


Do I need to have an idea to join the Innovation Lab?
No, you can join a prior team, a new team or come up with a unique idea of your own in class to develop into a startup.

Do I need to be an Honors College student to join the Innovation Lab?
No, anyone can register for the course. However, you may need a special permission number.

Are there opportunities to continue to develop the ideas and startups after the semester ends?
Yes, teams continue to work together, with the help and support of the Innovation Lab faculty and advisors, and many continue beyond graduation.  


We look forward to working with you to accelerate your journey as an innovator and social entrepreneur.

The Innovation Lab course takes place during Fall at the Honors College.

Innovation Lab Staff

Mukesh Patel

Mukesh Patel

Director, Innovation Lab


Kristy Fall

Kristy Fall

Instructor & Executive Innovation Fellow
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