Class of 2019

We recognize the achievements and potential of Honors College students with merit scholarships, enabling them to access the incredible education they can receive at Rutgers at reduced cost.

For many of our students, merit scholarships make the difference between coming to Rutgers and going elsewhere. Further, while all of our students receive a merit award of some size, approximately one-third face significant financial needs. Even with assistance from the University Office of Financial Aid and through state and federal programs, some of our students struggle financially to maintain their progress through college. We have also established a separate Emergency Scholarship Fund to provide a safety net for students confronted with unexpected financial hardships that could hinder their academic success. We have seen how financial needs can suddenly increase due to unforeseen circumstances, such as the death of a caregiver or a parent losing a job. This fund is dedicated to the hardest pressed Honors College students and will allow them to continue as advisers and faculty work with them to create plans for finishing their degrees.