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Med School Prep Panel with HC Alumni

Thursday, July 16th 7-8pm


Yesha Parekh, Class of 2019- RWJMS, rising third year med student (7-year program)

Caroline Kratka, Class of 2020—entering MD/PHD program this fall

Patricia Shelton, Class of 2019—Gap Year in research, entering med school this fall

Eshan Kaul, Class of 2019, RWJMS, rising third year med student (7-year program)


Yesha Parekh

Graduate School Prep Panel with HC Alumni

Monday, July 20th 7-8pm



Michael Nitzsche, Class of 2019- MIT for Mechanical Engineering 

Collin McManus, Class of 2019- Princeton University for Molecular Biology

Meredith Giovanelli, Class of 2019- Columbia University for Health Policy 

Justin Wong, Class of 2019- Stanford University for Data Science


Colin McManus

Consulting Panel with HC and Rutgers Alumni

Friday, July 24th 6-7pm



Sarah Pomeranz, Class of 2020

Sujaan Sanghvi, Class of 2019

Olivia Dineen, Class of 2019

Jessica Lee, Rutgers Honors Program Alum


Jessica Lee

Dentistry Panel with HC and Rutgers Alumni

Thursday, July 30th 7-8pm



Matthew Montenero, DDS- Maryland SOD ’17, General Practice

Andrew Hanna, HC Class of 2019- University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine

Anisha Patel, HC Class of 2020- entering SOD program Fall 2021


Matthew Montenero, DDS

Virtual Career Lunch: L’Oreal Recruitment Process

Honors College students are invited by the Rutgers Masters of Business & Science Program to a virtual career lunch. Join Jonathan Porras, PhD, Manager Talent Acquisition for Research & Innovation at L’Oreal, to learn more about the recruitment process at L’Oreal and essential skills that candidates need to have post-COVID-19. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the presentation.


Date: July 10th, 12pm


Registration will be open soon.