Engaging with Students—Mentoring Opportunities

The Rutgers University–New Brunswick Honors College Mentorship Community provides students, alumni, and industry experts with opportunities to engage in mentorship and networking throughout the year. 

Mentorship Platform- a virtual connection

The Honors College Mentorship Community Platform connects students and industry professionals through a range of options that make engagement meaningful and flexible. Students and professionals can choose to have career conversations, do resume reviews, conduct mock interviews, and even participate in student shadowing at a professional’s place of work. Visit the Student Alumni Career Connect today!

Winternship- winter break externship program

Winternship is a week-long project-based externship program exposing Honors College students to a professional field of interest. Students assist in a pre-defined project chosen by the mentor, all while shadowing their mentor and colleagues to better understand the career field. Medical Winternships are one to two-day shadowing opportunities for students to gain knowledge of various medical environments and to experience the daily life of a physician.

Winternship Program Timeline

July - September: All Winternship industry-expert hosts will be asked to provide a short professional bio and descriptions of possible projects so that students can accurately apply for relevant opportunities. Medical Winternship hosts will be asked to provide a short professional bio and examples of what a student might be able to experience in their day or two of shadowing. This information will be compiled for Winternship program advertisement to students.
October: Students will apply via an online application (currently closed, applications will open early October). They will write a short essay explaining their interest and how this experience would impact their career exploration process and professional development.
November: Students will interview in the second week of November. Mentors will be notified with information about the student who will be joining them for the Winternship.
December: Students will reach out to their Winternship mentor to arrange logistics for their one-week project-based experience or one to two-day medical shadowing experience.
January: Students will join their Winternship mentor for their externship.

Mentoring Pods - academic yearlong cohort mentoring with Graduate Mentor Fellows

Our academic yearlong mentoring pod program links doctoral Mentor Fellows in a variety of academic and career fields with Honors College students based on topical areas of interest. Mentoring pod topical areas vary based on the interests of Graduate Mentor Fellows–sample topics could be Women in Leadership, Interest in Medicine, and First-Gen Experience. Four undergraduates of varying class years meet with their Mentor Fellow throughout the year either in-person or virtually, beginning and ending the year with receptions hosted at the Honors College in New Brunswick.

Undergraduate students can apply via our online application. The application is currently closed.


Employers visit the Honors College to meet with students during 1:1 coffee chats ranging from 15-30 minutes. Students learn from recruiters and industry experts about specific organizations and more broadly about industries of interest.

Opportunities to Connect with Students

We invite Rutgers alumni, industry experts, parents of Honors College students, and friends of the Honors College to join our community of distinguished mentors. If you are interested in any of the following opportunities, you are invited to complete this survey to share your preferences:

  • Invite a group of students to your place of work for a company site visit. The groups can be as small or large as you prefer; we offer a variety of options for students throughout the academic year to give exposure to a range of industries.
  • Host a student to shadow you at your place of business for a morning, afternoon, or full day.
  • Promote internships or job prospects to recruit Honors College students by sharing posting information for us to disseminate to students in our weekly newsletters. We can also share this information with the larger honors program community if you are interested.
  • Serve as a distinguished speaker on key topics and interests of our students.
    • Speak about your own career path, how to utilize a liberal arts degree in the world of work, or another topic that you can passionately speak to.
    • In partnership with recruiters from your organization, deliver a Tech Talk regarding a technology that you are developing at your place of work or share a project that you are working on to show an interdisciplinary approach to work ‘in the real world.’
    • Join us as a panelist for career exploration summits with other professionals in your industry to represent your unique experience and current employer.
  • In partnership with recruiters, serve as an industry expert speaking with students during a Professional-in-Residence day where students meet with recruiters and industry experts for 20-minute sessions to learn about an organization, hear more about an industry and company culture, and assess fit with an organization.
  • Host a student at your place of work during their winter break for a weeklong project-based experience. Students will apply to your worksite for a ‘Winternship’ during which they will help you with a project of your choosing and shadow you for the week.
  • Become a mentor for our academic-year-long mentoring pods comprised of four undergraduates with interests similar to yours. Each mentoring pod meets monthly either virtually or in-person with their mentor. All participating students gather monthly for workshops on professional development topics related to mentorship and networking.
  • Host an information session at the Honors College to speak about your organization. We welcome, in particular, sessions that engage our students through Q&A with Rutgers alums or an activity that gives students a taste of your work and the opportunity to interact with industry experts.

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