Honors College Teaching Fellows

The Honors College Teaching Fellows Program is an innovative scholarly collaboration designed to enrich the educational experience for both undergraduate and graduate students associated with the Honors College. Undergraduates have the opportunity to work directly with advanced graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who serve as instructional fellows and mentors throughout the year. Teaching Fellows are trained and mentored by faculty and deans to teach the Honors College mission course, the Forum. In addition, Teaching Fellows meet regularly with faculty and Honors College deans in a collegial community based in the shared experience of teaching leading to scholarly development. Through teaching and informal interaction with students, Fellows participate in the creation of the Honors College living and learning community centered in the new facility. This dedicated residence, where all first-year Honors College students live, also houses the administrative offices of the Honors College, seminar rooms where Forum sections meet, and apartments for faculty fellows. Common lounge spaces and a coffee bar on the first floor, along with the presence of live-in faculty fellows and the administrative staff, encourage extensive interaction among students, teaching fellows, faculty, and staff.

Teaching Fellows are supported by Honors College Learning Assistants (LAs).


If you are interested in becoming an Honors College Teaching Fellow, please contact Nirav Patel, Assistant Research Professor and Director of Experiential Education.