Leadership Opportunities

The Honors College provides several student leadership opportunities available for current students, including but not limited to:

Mentoring Pod Program Student Team

The Honors College Mentoring Pod Program connects groups of 2-5 undergraduate students with full-time doctoral Mentor Fellows and HC upperclassmen in a variety of academic and career fields. The Graduate Mentor Fellows guide their students through exploring professional and academic interests. The Pod Mentor upperclassmen are leaders for their pods, guiding the underclassmen through their academic journey as well as how to make the most of mentorship opportunities.

Wellness Committee

The Honors College Student Wellness Committee was developed based on findings from a six-week mental health task force that indicated a desire for more peer-support initiatives. The Wellness Committee's goals are to foster a culture of wellness in the Honors College and to dismantle the stigmas surrounding mental health.

Community Facilitators

Changemaking Community Facilitators are student leaders who help to engage Honors College students in shared digital experiences that directly connect to the Honors College mission. Facilitators lead programs, generate discussions, and connect with students on one of six Changemaking Community themes: Active Allyship, Career with Purpose, Community-Based Scholars, Douglass Honors College Changemakers, Interdisciplinary and Global Perspectives, and Social and Civic Responsibility.