Virtual Changemaking Communities

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In order to build community in a meaningful way through our remote learning experience, six virtual Honors College Changemaking Communities engage students in community building and changemaking activities with a focus on community service, civic engagement, and social justice. These communities provide opportunities through the Microsoft Teams digital platform for smaller groups of Honors College students to come together with student Community Facilitators to engage in shared experiences that also directly connect to the Honors College mission.

We are requiring first-year Honors College students to join upperclass Honors College students in our Changemaking Communities. 

In each community, students will engage with approximately 100 Honors College peers from all class years in themed spaces that directly connect to the mission and values of our Honors College. All Honors College students who participate in an approved menu of activities will gain 10 HC Serves hours toward the required 30 HC Serves for their engagement in their Changemaking Community.  Please reach out to with any questions or to enroll in a community on an individual basis.

Log your HC Serves hours by selecting Changemaking Points on the HC Serves Form. You may also check your progress through the HC Serves Portal.

Changemaking Community Themes

Before selecting a community of your choice, please familiarize yourself with the following Changemaking Communities.

Social & Civic Responsibility

Social & Civic Responsibility: In addition to social and community building activities, this group will focus on civic dialogue, community service, and political engagement. Students will connect with student leaders and each other around current events in the world and the Rutgers community.


Active Allyship for Social & Racial Justice

Active Allyship for Social & Racial Justice: In addition to social and community building activities, students who participate in Active Allyship will engage with student leaders from across Rutgers and each other to educate themselves and take action on becoming active allies for racial justice in their communities.


Career with Purpose
Career with PurposeLiving & Working Meaningfully: In addition to social and community building activities, this community is a space for Honors College students who are interested in finding meaning in work and life, whether they have an idea of what their future career path might look like or are still open to exploring options. Students will engage with topics such as socially responsible leadership, mentorship, and life design so that they can put their ideas into action as they prepare for fulfilling future opportunities. 


Community-Based Scholars: Service in Academia
Community-Based Scholars: Service in Academia: In addition to social and community building activities, Honors College students will engage in this community to talk about integrating service, social good, and social innovation into academic paths. This community will connect students with Faculty Fellows and student leaders in discussions about research and innovation for social good, ranging from STEM to liberal arts programs.


Exploring Interdisciplinary & Global Perspectives

Exploring Interdisciplinary & Global Perspectives: In addition to social and community building activities, this community is a space for Honors College students who are interested in a range of majors and career paths and want to explore opportunities across all involvement activities, global learning programs, and disciplines at Rutgers. This community will be led by Honors College student leaders who can direct students to opportunities across campus that connect social good and changemaking to all students' potential majors and interests.


Douglass Honors College Coalition Changemakers Icon

*** Douglass Honors College Coalition Changemakers: In addition to social and community building activities, this community will provide Douglass Residential College/Honors College women with an opportunity to engage in conversations about changemaking with DHCC women leaders through community service, civic dialogue, social innovation, leadership, and political engagement.

***This community is only open to students enrolled in both the Honors College and Douglass Residential College.