Flyer Posting Guidelines

Honors College Main Floor Flyer Posting Policy

We engage in collective responsibility for our community, and everyone’s assistance is necessary to maintain a respectful and vibrant campus. Please keep the following procedures and rules regarding posting in mind when posting on the Honors College Main Floor:

  • Honors College organizations, university departments, academic units, faculty, staff, and students may post on bulletin boards; no individual/group outside the university will be permitted to post.
  • General posting is only allowed on the University Events designated bulletin board in the Druskin (South) Lounge. At no time should material be posted or affixed on vehicles, trash cans, trees, sidewalks, elevators, support columns, lamp posts, bathrooms, water fountains, hallways, buildings, benches, vending machines, telephone poles, windows, or doors.
  • Organization sponsoring the event must have its name and contact information (phone number and or email/website) of the sponsoring group (or individual) visibly printed on the front of all publicity materials (poster, flyers etc.).
  • Due to space limitation, there will be a size limit of 8.5in x 11in (letter size) for bulletin board postings.
  • If organization is an official Honors College-sponsored program, a specific footer graphic must be displayed.

On Main Floor Posting Boards, it is the responsibility of the party receiving approval to not only post the material, but to remove the material within 48 hours of the event. Approved materials may be posted no more than two weeks prior to the event.

Please Note:

  • Only one flyer per group, per posting board.
  • Posting over or removing existing material is prohibited.
  • Items may only be posted with pushpins or tacks. NO STAPLES, NO TAPE.
  • The Honors College reserves the right to remove any flyers whose program date has passed or those that do not comply with the Posting Policy.