24 Things for the Honors College Class of 2024!

By R. Toepfer ('25, SAS/HC) and Trisha Yu ('27, SAS/HC), HC Media Team

As the Honors College Class of 2024 approaches graduation, it’s important to reflect on the many special moments that being at the Honors College and Rutgers has offered. Below is a list of things everyone should do before graduating—don’t miss out!



  1. Make sure that everything you need to graduate as an Honors College Scholar is completed and submitted!
  2. Go out with all of your HC friends to the Countdown to Graduation Coffeehouse—take a class photo, help dedicate your HC class plaque, pick up your Induction Ceremony postcard to yourself from 4 years ago, and maybe even perform!?
  3. Buy Honors College merch in the HC Store.
  4. Go to your last club meetings. 
  5. Join the HC LinkedIn group to stay in touch with your friends and network with HC alumni!
  6. Go swimming or rock climbing at the recreation centers. 
  7. Read an issue of the Targum.
  8. Eat at all of the restaurants located around campus. 
  9. Go to a Demarest Dorm Drag Show.
  10. Visit the Cook/Douglass farm. 
  11. Watch a movie at Livingston Cinema.
  12. Go to the amazing museums around campus, like the Zimmerli and the Geology Museum. 
  13. Walk around on Rutgers Day. 
  14. Do arts and crafts at the Makerspace at the HC. 
  15. Visit the cutlery grate outside of Brower.
  16. Participate in Senior Day activities.
  17. Listen to WRSU, the Rutgers student radio station.
  18. Send thank you notes to all of your favorite professors and faculty members.
  19. Take graduation photos at your favorite spots on campus—see you by the HC fireplace! 
  20. Stay in touch with the Honors College via social media—@RUHonorsCollNB.
  21. Walk through the Old Queens Gate. 
  22. Look forward to your future as an official Rutgers and HC alum—join us for mentoring events and help a future HC student!
  23. Come to the HC Summer Sendoff BBQ with all of your old friends.
  24. Soak up your achievements at the Honors College Convocation, your school’s convocation, and commencement at SHI Stadium!


Congratulations and well done, Honors College Class of 2024!