Geek Week at the Honors College

With the support of Rutgers Geek Week, the Honors College hosts the annual Geek Week at the Honors College event. This event, planned each year by the Student Advisory Board, is part of an ongoing educational series featuring renowned faculty from across the United States in an interdisciplinary discussion about popular science fiction. In its inaugural year, the series featured a discussion on Star Wars called Star Wars: The Knowledge Awakens. In 2017, the Geek Week at Hogwarts event was focused on the Harry Potter franchise, with conversations around medieval history, philosophy, and chemistry. In 2018, the theme was Marvel comics featuring conversations with experts in astrophysics, philosophy, and graphic novels.

Geek Week Banner 2021

Geek Week 2021 - Get Ready Gamers!

This year's Geek Week will be Nintendo-themed! 

Stressed out with midterms? Console yourself at HC Geek Week: Nintendo Edition!

Fri, Feb 26 | 4:00 PM — 6:00 PM

Stressed out with midterms? Console yourself at HC Geek Week: Nintendo Edition! Find the Luigi to your Mario! Test your Nintendo trivia, sharpen your gaming skills, learn about topics like esports and game design, and interact with your peers on video chat. Have your PCs ready to do it all through a new virtual world on All Rutgers students are invited and must register to attend

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The Honors College

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Featured Activities: 

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Mobile Game
  • Pokemon Showdown 
  • Mario Kart Mobile Game
  • Nintendo Trivia


Featured Speakers:

  • Carly A. Kocurek, PhD @ 4:00 - Dolly Ludens: Reimagining Gaming with American Girl
  • Professor William Crosbie @ 4:30 -  Play Leads the Way—Nintendo's guiding principle
  • RU Esports Center Director Michael Fay @ 5:00 - The Present and Future of Esports
  • Judith E. Deutsch, PT, PhD @ 5:30 - Wiihabilitation of Mobility and Fitness