We Stand in Solidarity with Our International Students (July 8, 2020)

Dear Honors College Community, 

We have heard from many of you regarding the U.S. Government's ICE decision to require students holding F-1 visas to be enrolled in hybrid or in-person classes in order to remain in their current visa status. As you may be experiencing, this has caused tremendous anxiety among students looking for answers and remedies. In many instances, our HC students have reached out to us about their particular class schedules and courses.  

President Holloway has sent a university-wide communication this morning outlining actions being taken. Please know that this issue is being addressed at every level of the university, in legal, curricular, and student support terms. Our Rutgers international student services office at RU Global is coordinating a response. They have indicated they are reaching out to all affected students directly—they may have contacted you already. If not, be assured they will provide updates and information. 

We stand in solidarity with our international students. We are discussing this across our entire team, and are also in direct contact with RU Global, as well as the university-wide administrators overseeing undergraduate education and we will all continue to be in communication. 

If you wish to contact RU Global directly, they have provided the following email: isss-students@global.rutgers.edu

We know our international students have worked hard to come to Rutgers—often by leaving family and friends and coming into a new culture and experience in the United States, New Jersey, and the Honors College. We appreciate their rich contributions to our community and their commitment, and we are here for all of you.

The Honors College Team