NJHKI Internship Program

The NJHKI Internship Program can fulfill the Honors College Capstone requirementThe New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative is open to accepting two Honors College interns each year for their HC Capstone requirement.

Program Overview

The New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative (NJHKI) views internships as an opportunity for students to see how everything they have learned in their courses relates to the broader world of public and community health. The goal of the internship is to further students' practical experience while enhancing the work of public and community health. Through the internship, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate an integration of coursework into a real-world setting, preparing them for professional careers and advanced degrees. 

Internship Benefits

  • A firsthand experience in public and community health work  
  • Application of classroom knowledge to practical problems in the field   
  • Increased competency for a professional career in public and community health 
  • Design and implementation of a project useful to NJHKI and the student
  • Interaction with professionals and becoming knowledgeable about their skills and responsibilities
  • Development and expansion of a professional network base

Project Examples

Examples of projects and tasks that Honors College students would engage in include: 

  • Horizon Culture of Health School Program – Implementation and evaluation of nutrition and physical literacy curriculum for K-8th-grade students in schools across the state
  • SNAP2Save – NJHKI is collaborating with the IFNH’s Center for Childhood Nutrition Research and SNAP2Save to distribute two hundred produce incentive cards to local New Brunswick families to be redeemed at local food stores. Data on the redemption rate of cards and purchasing practices are currently being collected.
  • Forging Youth Resilience – NJHKI will be working with FYR, a national nonprofit organization with Local Clubs in cities across the country, to bring fitness, nutrition, and mentorship to youth who otherwise would not have access to these services. Its mission is to empower young people to build physical and mental strength for life by providing access to a network of community-based fitness programs and mentorship. 
  • The Phoenix – NJHKI will be working with The Phoenix, a national nonprofit organization that supports substance abuse recovery through active living, to bring culinary nutrition lessons to children in Belmar, NJ. 
  • Newsletters & Social Media – NJHKI Updates and practical information for those interested in child health

Potential Deliverables

  • Data-Driven Projects
    • Pre-post test data analysis
    • Survey results data analysis
    • Focus groups data analysis
  • Research - IRB*
    • eIRB development
    • Consent/Assent Process
    • Research Abstract
    • Research Poster
    • Research Presentation
  • Program Planning/Evaluation
    • Create strategic plan
    • Monitor program implementation
    • Review program implementation
    • Evaluate program implementation
  • Academic Writing
    • Abstract writing
    • Literature review
  • Marketing Plan/Social Media Campaigns
    • Creating new material
    • Revamping or creating program materials 
    • Video Series
    • Infographics

More About NJHKI

NJHKI builds upon the core values of the Rutgers New Jersey Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Health with a focus on health equity and community partnership. By uniting with local families and community partners to pinpoint child health needs and explore where they are unmet, the NJHKI can develop a task force to address those needs. NJHKI serves schools, local communities, and the Rutgers ecosystem by offering undergraduate research mentoring and experience, free culinary nutrition and fitness education, and community outreach opportunities. Using their outreach programs as sources for community engagement and research, they are meeting their goal to improve child health by conducting evidence-based research, education, and practice in nutrition and physical activity. Specifically, they have been able to 1) develop best practices and share lessons learned with others, 2) prepare manuscripts and presentations describing these exciting approaches to facilitate their dissemination, and 3) improve, create, and present future culinary nutrition and physical literacy education programs. 

Learn More About the Work of NJHKI:


  • Internship Application
    To apply for an internship during the 2023-2024 Academic School Year, please send a statement of interest and resume to Dr. Erin Comollo, NJHKI Program Development Administrator, by July 1, 2023
  • Capstone Proposal Application
    Honors College students who would like to participate in the Internship Program with a Capstone deliverable for their Honors College Senior Capstone experience, please apply by Sunday, March 19, 2023*The New Jersey Healthy Kids Initiative is open to accepting two Honors College interns each year to fulfill their Capstone requirement.


If you have any questions, please contact Andrea Rydel, Assistant Dean.