Reflection Workshops

Service Storytelling reflection workshops help students make meaning of their service opportunities. Attendance at a Service Storytelling reflection workshop is encouraged for all students who participate in community service opportunities.

Please check the Honors College Calendar of Events for a full list of dates for the Service Storytelling: Reflection Workshops.


What is Reflection?

Reflection is intentional, purposeful thinking about a previous activity such as community service. It is used as a bridge between experiences and learning, to help students look back on service to others and create meaning.


Why is it important?

Reflection is an opportunity to search for long term solutions to problems, strengthen your civic identity, and gain new meaning from service. In addition, reflection helps create bonds through shared experiences and thought processes.


How can reflection be beneficial in everyday life?

Reflection can foster growth and understanding in many other areas of life, including career exploration, leadership development, intellectual pursuits, civic responsibility, and more.


What does it mean to participate in a Service Storytelling reflection workshop?

Students must sign in at a workshop and stay for the entire hour. In order to receive credit, students must actively participate and comment during the workshop. A brief written reflection will also be required.


Why am I encouraged to participate in a Service Storytelling reflection workshop?

Reflection after community service is a key component to facilitating student growth and development. The Honors College believes in meaningful community service that impacts the community and incorporates student understanding through reflection. 


How many Service Storytelling reflection workshops do I need to participate in?

Students only need to attend one reflection workshop to meet this requirement.