Not Approved for Service Hours

The following events and programs DO NOT count for service hours. You will find clarifications for each of the commonly logged types of service that have not counted for HC Serves Hours. Please review this page before logging any service hours.

Student Organizations: Service through student organizations does count when the service is directed at the larger community.  For example, fundraisers for charity, Sorority/Fraternity service projects, and other community service work does count. However, volunteering that directly services the student organization such as recruitment tabling or organizing social events does not count as service.

Rutgers Department Related Service: Any service that is directed to serving any department at the University will not count for service hours. These opportunities provides direct service to the University. While we do value theses contributions to those organizations, they do not directly serve the community.  The primary purpose of your service work must be directed towards the larger community outside of the University. Some examples that do not count include volunteering at New Student Move-in, Commencement/Graduation Ceremonies, Open House/Recruitment events, serving as a TA and Research Opportunities.

If you have any questions as to why something does not count for if you service hours may fall into either of these categories please contact