Additional Opportunity Hours

An additional opportunity means that a maximum of 15 hours of service done outside of Rutgers and the New Brunswick/Piscataway community can count toward a student's 30 total hours of community service. You may count up to 15 hours of service over the summer during your tenure as an Honors College student (but not as an incoming Honors College student who has not yet begun college). Examples include working with a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in your hometown, tutoring at your high school, or volunteering with your town's church. To verify whether an opportunity will count as service, you may contact In order for these hours to count, the service work cannot be paid, and the work must involve direct meaningful service to the community.

Remote Service Opportunities

Remote service opportunities will count towards a student's additional opportunities. The HC Serves Team has provided a full list of remote service opportunities for students and will receive future suggestions at