Master Class: The Big Business of US Healthcare with HC Alum Mr. Sujaan Sanghvi HC/RBS ‘19

Mon, Oct 02 | 7:00 PM
9:00 PM
Honors College S126

In this two-part Master Class, Mr. Sanghvi will cover the various pieces that make up the US healthcare system: providers, payers, pharmaceuticals/medical devices, consumers, and regulators. Students will explore how each component interacts with each other to form the complex healthcare ecosystem. The Master Class will delve into the challenges and opportunities that arise from the interplay between stakeholders and how they impact the delivery and accessibility of healthcare services to individuals and communities. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry's historical and current landscape, including recent healthcare reform efforts and the evolving healthcare policy landscape.

Students can join Mr. Sanghvi for an optional third session, a 1:1 virtual opportunity to discuss which area of healthcare might suit their interests as well as discuss future career interests in management consulting, pharmaceutical strategy, and/or pursuing an MBA.

Mr. Sujaan Sanghvi is a graduate of the Rutgers New Brunswick Honors College and Rutgers Business School. He is currently a 2nd year MBA candidate at Columbia Business School in New York City. Prior to business school, he worked in management consulting for life sciences/pharmaceutical clients at Guidehouse and Baker Tilly. He also served as a Graduate TA for the Rutgers Bloustein School for Public Policy and Planning. While at Rutgers, he started HC Ally (now HC Scholar Peer Mentors) at the Honors College, and the Healthcare Case Competition at the Bloustein School.


Dates and Times: 

Session 1: Monday, September 25, 7-9pm, HC Seminar Room S126

Session 2: Monday, October 2, 7-9pm, HC Seminar Room S126

Optional Session 3: 1:1 meetings will be arranged with Mr. Sanghvi for those interested. 


**All HC students who engage in this two-part Master Class will receive three points towards the Honors College Merit Pin for developing as professionals by engaging with your HC Community.


Registration information will be available in our weekly Monday Community Newsletter and Thursday Opportunity Newsletter.

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