Honors College Forum Showcase Honors Five Social Impact Team Projects!

Spring 2022

Taken by all members of the Honors College, the Forum is a truly interdisciplinary mission course focused on tackling global issues on a local level through social impact. Together in small teams, students learn how to transform their ideas into action through critical thinking, problem solving, social interaction, persistence, creativity, introspection, and more. Each semester, Honors College students work together to research, refine, articulate, and present their ideas in a compelling and persuasive manner to raise awareness for the issues and garner support. 

Congratulations to all of the teams who presented their changemaking product, service, or initiative before a panel of judges and to those who stood out as our featured honorees!

Featured Team Projects

Deliverdt Mamas

Deliverdt Mamas, Forum students' popular choice project, seeks to help hospitals achieve maternal health equity in New Jersey by targeting and eliminating systemic racism through the promotion of diversity and education.


Deliveredt Mamas project visual


Deliveredt Mamas team photo

Deliverdt Mamas Student Project Team (L-R): 

Alice Militaru, Learning Assistant ('23, RBS/HC)

Naima Vertus ('25, SEBS/HC)

Saribel Barrientos ('25, SEBS/HC)

Shekinah Colley ('25, SAS/HC)

Emerson Eng ('25, MGSA/HC)

Dr. Harita Menon, Teaching Fellow



DebtX focuses on providing medical students the opportunity to pursue a debt-free education by advocating for loan forgiveness literacy programs to reduce the national debt average and diversify the applicant and specialist pool.
DebtX project visual


DebtX team photo

DebtX Student Project Team (L-R): 

Taqiya Ehsan, Learning Assistant ('23, SOE/HC)

Anthony Cammarano ('25, SOE/HC))

Khushi Sheth ('25, SEBS/HC)

Kiersten Koch ('25, SEBS/HC))

Sophia Abreu ('25, SAS/HC)

Dr. Harita Menon, Teaching Fellow


RU Breakthrough

RU Breakthrough, an app-based mental health resource for Rutgers students, offers access to a variety of therapies such as virtual counseling and music therapy, as well as group chat options and tailored identity group resources.
RU Breakthrough project visual


RU Breakthrough team photo

RU Breakthrough Student Project Team (L-R):

Natasha Marshall, Learning Assistant ('24, SAS/HC)

Ryan Davis ('25, SAS/HC)

Johanna Murphy ('25, SAS/HC)

Hannah Graham ('25, SAS/HC)

Pranita Sannidhi ('25, SAS/HC)

Dr. Alison Fenech, Teaching Fellow


Empower, Period.

Empower, Period. seeks to provide menstrual hygiene products for every menstruator on campus, regardless of their ability to pay, by ensuring access to products, from student centers and academic buildings to residence halls.

Empower, Period. project visual


Empower, Period. team photo

Empower, Period. Student Project Team (L-R):

Bianca Caproni, Learning Assistant ('24, SAS/HC)

Diarra Thompson ('25, SEBS/HC)

Amisha Singh ('25, SAS/HC)

Dima Bischoff-Hashem('25, SEBS/HC)

Dr. Raili Roy, Teaching Fellow



SELF teaches financial literacy to middle- and high-school students through an extracurricular club that also sponsors competitions to develop the best solutions for given case studies.
SELF project visual


SELF team

SELF Student Project Team:

Kavyasree Chigurupati, Learning Assistant ('23, SAS/HC)

Haruna Akiyama('25, SEBS/HC)

Vincent Tan ('27, EMSOP/HC)

Manyata Arora ('25, RBS/HC)

Catherine Park ('25, RBS/HC)

Martha Sullivan, Teaching Fellow