Honors College Forum Showcase Honors Four Teams!

Fall 2021

The Honors College Forum, our mission course taken by all members of the Honors College, asks students to consider how they want to invest of themselves to pursue a life with purpose. Working together in small interdisciplinary teams, they identify and set about addressing global issues impacting local communities, while cultivating the skills they will need to be changemakers. Each semester, Honors College students create more than 50 social impact projects. Through their projects, they work together to research, refine, articulate, and present their ideas in a compelling and persuasive manner to raise awareness for the issues and garner support. 

Congratulations to all of the teams who presented before a panel of judges and to those who stood out as our featured honorees!

Featured Team Projects

RU Stomping

RU Stomping, Forum students' popular choice project, focuses on mitigating the spread of the invasive spotted lantern fly in NJ, starting on Rutgers College Avenue Campus with an annual semester-long competition across all dorm residencies, which would compete for points by removing lantern fly egg sacs, stomping spotted lantern flies, or implementing mitigation efforts.

RU Stomping project visual


RU Stomping team photo

RU Stomping Student Project Team (L-R): 

  • Nethra Jayaprakash, Learning Assistant
  • Buzzy Brickman ('25, RBS/HC)
  • Siddharth Ghosh Roy ('25, SAS/HC)
  • Kamil Szczech ('25, SAS/HC)
  • Evelyn Liang ('25, EMSOP/HC)
  • Talia Robbins, Teaching Fellow


JAJ Root out Racism

JAJ Root out Racism addresses the disproportionate impact of environmental hazards on communities of color. Starting in New Brunswick, JAJ plans to increase voter turnout and support local politicians who will prioritize the environmental needs of those most impacted using social media and advocacy campaigning.
JAJ Root out Racism project visual


JAJRoot out Racism team photo

JAJ Root out Racism Student Project Team (L-R): 

  • Jaideep Boparai ('25, RBS/HC)
  • Amy Flather ('24, SAS/HC)
  • Jocelynn Dow ('25, MGSA/HC)
  • Rahjaun Gordon, Teaching Fellow
  • Tobiah Powell, Learning Assistant (not pictured)



RUFILLED would partner with Rutgers University Student Affairs to redesign the current RU meal plan and swipe donation system to redirect wasted resources into the New Brunswick public school system to help mitigate food insecurity in the community and provide better transparency for RU students to see their impact.
RUFILLED project visual


RUFILLED team photo

RUFILLED Student Project Team (L-R):

  • Erin Richardson, Learning Assistant
  • Ismaeel Abdulghani ('25, SAS/HC)
  • Emily Hill ('25, RBS/HC)
  • Allison Bierly ('25, SOE/HC)
  • Emily Sullivan ('23, SOE/HC)
  • Teka Nicholas, Teaching Fellow


RU Rideshare

Rutgers Rideshare aims to reduce air pollution in NJ using an app to coordinate carpools among RU commuters, which make up over 50% of Rutgers students. Rutgers rideshare app would help students save on fuel costs while reducing transportation emissions.
RU Rideshare project visual


RU Rideshare team photo

RU Rideshare Student Project Team (L-R):

  • Wilmary Figuereo Obijo ('25, SOE/HC)
  • Eva Allred ('25, SAS/HC)
  • Evan Liang ('25, RBS/HC)
  • Brinda Patel ('25, RBS/HC)
  • Talia Robbins, Teaching Fellow
  • Katie Sidebotham, Learning Assistant (not pictured)