The Honors College Capstone Showcase


The Honors College Capstone Showcase is the annual, signature venue for students graduating as Honors College Scholars to present their Capstone work, the culminating academic experience for all Honors College Scholars. Students may present their work in a multiplicity of formats: TED-style talks, lightning pitches, research posters, media-documented performances, model displays, and academic panels.

Join us to celebrate Curiosity, Knowledge, and Purpose!

2nd Annual Showcase

The Honors College Capstone Showcase will take place on:
Friday, April 24, 2020 in a virtual format.

The showcase is free and open to all. 
Students are welcome to invite their families, friends, faculty, and professional staff.

For more information about this year's event and to see our student presenters,
please visit the the Capstone Showcase Event Page.

Apply to Present

All Honors College students completing Capstones are invited to apply to present their work in the Honors College Capstone Showcase. Please submit your proposal by midnight, April 13, 2020.

Students can rank their preferred presentation format and time. Because of limited spaces, an Honors College committee will review the applications and inform students if they have been selected and for which format and time. 

Presentation Formats

The Capstone Showcase presentations will adopt various formats. Please review the following options before accessing the application below.

TED-style talk

Length: 10 minutes per talk

Location: South Wing seminar rooms (S120, S124, S126)

Style: Presenters will have 10 minutes to discuss their Capstone work. Slides can be utilized. Sessions will follow the world-famous TED format: no reading of papers, but an emphasis on strong ideas and direct engagement with the audience. If you don’t know this format, check out Notice that the talks are precisely timed and rehearsed. Many presenters use slides or visuals, and all stand or walk around. They do not read notes from behind a podium.

Research poster

Length: 45 minutes, student standing next to the poster 

Location: South Wing, Druskin Family Lounge

Style: Standard symposium style. Presenters will stand with their easel-mounted poster for the session and connect with the audience to explain their projects. Students may present a traditional poster (3' X 4'), which will be designed according to a standard template. The posters will be printed for you by the Honors College.

Note: If you are selected to present in this format, we will contact you regarding specific details. NOTE: Please review the Research Poster Requirements and Guidelines.

Lightning pitch

Length: 5 minutes

Location: East Wing Lounge

Style: Quick, three- to five-minute pitches explaining the key elements of a student’s project. May also be done in groups. Many students will be familiar with this format from the Honors College Forum: an individual or small group will take the stage and, with or without slides, describe their project, and explain its purpose and impact in a rehearsed, concise presentation.

Academic panel

Length: 15 minutes

Location: Hartstein Seminar Room (E128)

Style: This format is for more traditional scholarly capstones, such as research theses and Interdisciplinary Honors Theses—classic panels with fifteen-minute papers, chair, and commentator. Students will be introduced by the chairperson, and present their work, by reading parts of their research paper and/ or referring to slides. Time will be allotted for questions to the members of the panel.

Model display

Length: 45 minutes, a student can be with model 

Location: Fireside Lounge

Style: Projects that require display, such as models, artwork, mock-ups, or prototypes will be given set-up space on tables. This format is especially conducive to engineering, design, or fine arts projects that are best experienced as three-dimensional works. Students will be near their work to provide commentary, explaining the nature of the project, its development, and intended purpose. 

Media-documented performance

Length: In video loops, student can be near the monitor

Location: At display monitors: South Wing, Druskin Family Lounge, and East Wing (arts or performance Capstones only)

Style: Looped images or video of Capstones that involve performances in time and space. This format especially supports dance, theatrical, or other enacted forms of scholarly and artistic expression. Students will be near the monitor to provide commentary.

Capstone Project Abstract

Any student planning to present at the Honors College Capstone Showcase must submit a presentation title and abstract via the application below. Students presenting as a group should submit a single title and abstract. 

Please view the Writing Abstracts page for help in writing a strong abstract. 

Capstone Showcase Infosessions

The Honors College will hold infosessions and provide opportunities for students to rehearse presentations. The actual dates for infosessions are forthcoming.


Application closed



If you have any questions related to the Capstone Showcase, please contact Matt Matsuda, Academic Dean of the Honors College.