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The Honors College maintains several social media platforms to share our mission through daily experiences, events, news, and stories with prospective students, current students, parents, faculty, alumni, supporters, partners, and others who are interested. You can stay current on all things #RUHonorsCollegeNB by following @RUHonorsCollNB!

Facebook serves as a formal showcase of life at the Honors College, from student achievements to community events. Highlights include mini features where students share their achievements and experiences from study abroad and internships to awards and research, leadership and service work done by HC students, posts about everyday life at the HC, campus-wide opportunities through the Honors College, and more.

Twitter captures all of our news, big and small, for those who follow the HC and the larger Rutgers community.

Instagram features students sharing their day through the #MyHCDay campaign, from service to travel and community experiences, with their peers and others who follow us.

Snapchat is a student-run platform where life at the HC and events in the building are shared, as well as Shoutouts for student achievements and live Fireside Chats with students or faculty.
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YouTube showcases life at the HC through the voices and activities of our students and staff.

Tumblr—HC Student Blog is the place where students share their experiences with prospective and current students through their own blogs, featuring community service, internships, study abroad, or simply life at the HC and in college.

The official Rutgers University–New Brunswick Honors College LinkedIn group brings together current students, new grads, and alumni who share the HC experience. Use this network to find others with similar interests and to help build your professional portfolio. Search for Honors College, Rutgers University–New Brunswick to request admission to the private group.

This group is administrated by the HC assistant dean for professional development, Andrea Rydel. If you have any questions, please contact Dean Rydel at