Meet the New Honors College Faculty Fellows!

By HC Staff | September 28, 2023

This year, the Honors College welcomes four new Faculty Fellows to join Dean Bowers, including two Residential Fellows who live in the Honors College and two Affiliate Fellows who are present at regular times throughout the week. All are here to offer their time and ear for mentorship and conversation about anything on students' minds. 

They are (L-R): 


  • Nicole Burrowes, HC Residential Faculty Fellow—a Professor of History and a community organizer who focuses on Caribbean and African-American history. Learn more. 
  • Trip McCrossin, HC Residential Faculty Fellow—a Teaching Professor in the Philosophy Department focused on the history and legacy of the Enlightenment in philosophy, literature, and popular culture. Learn more. 
  • Kristen Syrett, HC Affiliated Faculty Fellow—a Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science and an advocate for gender equity and diversity. Learn more. 
  • Chloë Kitzinger, HC Affiliated Faculty Fellow—a Professor of Russian and the Acting Director of the Program in Russian and East European Languages and Literatures. Learn more.

Collectively, the new Fellows noted,

"We are here to support Honors College students in their personal and academic success and in their membership in the community at the Honors College and the larger RU campus. No topic is too big or too small—we're here for you!"

They also provide some incredible programs such as the Climate Crisis Series, which launched this October with an opportunity to meet the VP of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability for the Second Busiest Airport in the World—Dallas-Fort Worth International, a Rutgers Farm Tour, and a Pumpkin Painting Meet & Greet! 

"We wanted to focus our first major programming around a series on the topic of Climate Crisis to shed light on some of the ways that some of the brightest people in this country are tackling the issue and making a difference," the new Faculty Fellows shared. "Our hope is that students will see how their own contributions might make a positive social impact as well, now and in their future careers." 

“I am thrilled to work alongside my colleagues to provide one of the most unique honors experiences in the nation for our students,”

noted Dean Bowers.

“The four new Fellows are a dynamic and experienced group who will bring so much richness and energy to our programming and into the academic and personal lives of all of our students.”