Congratulations to the Winners of the Honors College Forum Fall 2016 Pitch Competition!

Fall 2016

The Honors College mission course, the Forum, challenges first-year students to develop projects designed to address societal issues that could also become sustainable, profitable ventures. The Fall 2016 Forum was extraordinary—approximately 70 social innovation ideas were created and from those 14 were chosen to be presented to peers and a panel of judges who work with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

HC students presented an impressive range of innovations addressing issues from sanitation and health concerns in developing countries to culture and social interaction through technology and business. Congratulations to the winners and to all of the teams who presented and who placed!

Winning Projects



A social platform that encourages healthy choices through personalized diets, gamification, and community support with the goal of helping people change their lifestyles in sustainable ways.

Project created by Jessica Maruca, Gaurav Pathak, Jonathan Tsai, and Adam Yawdoszyn.

Professor: Mason Ameri.




A catnip starter kit distribution service for people in high mosquito-borne disease areas to grow catnip, extract its oil, and produce their own repellent inexpensively and sustainably.

Project created by Victor Chen, Nidhi Desai, Sarah Pomeranz, and Armani Rosario.

Professor: Louis Segura.

First Runners-Up


A grocery store in Highland Park, NJ that makes healthy food available at low prices for communities in need through partnerships designed to reduce food waste.

Project created by Sohil Ardeshna, Paisley Payne, Paulina Portnoy, and Stephen Yee.

Professor: Mason Ameri.

B12 The Change

A B12 infused lotion coupled with a specially designed pump to dispense the appropriate amount for people in India where many are deficient in this vital vitamin.

Project created by Tonia Liu, Cameron Masschaele, Anisha Patel, Jessica Rallo, and Madhir Vyas.

Professor: Paul Gilmore.

Second Runners-Up

Lawn John

A human waste removal system to improve sanitation in developing countries through the distribution of composting toilets that produce soil enriching nutrients for crops.

Project created by Kayla Aguilar Cserr, Daniel Marku, Samantha Mead, Palna Mehta, and Autumn Thomas.

Professor: Matt Matsuda.

Made in South Bronx

An apparel business that connects the authenticity and style of the South Bronx with the modern hip-hop fan base and returns profits for development in the South Bronx community.

Project created by Madhumita Kaushik, Soham Shah, Jhanvi Virani, and Michael Wong.

Professor: Mason Ameri.