Wilhelmina Vargas

Mina Vargas

Community Based Counselor

Mina Vargas is a licensed clinical social worker who uses the pronouns: she, her and hers. She is interested in working with students, staff, faculty, and administrators from all backgrounds. Her passion is in providing clinical services that are affirming and empowering to minorities such as first generation immigrants, international, and especially individuals and groups along the LGBTQA continuum. She believes in the idea of living well and the importance of holistically addressing mind, body, and spirit to achieve a balanced, healthy, and happy life. Her practice philosophy is rooted in various traditional and evidence-based therapeutic modalities that are complementary to Integral Yoga, Reiki, Mindfulness practices, and meditation in movement through rock-climbing and other physical activities. She has received specialized sex therapy training approved by AASECT, is fluent in Norwegian, and enjoys conversing informally in Tagalog and Spanish.

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