Sophomore Success Challenge

The Sophomore Success Challenge complements the mission of the Honors College by specifically targeting the needs of second year students. Second year students who apply and are selected for the Sophomore Success Challenge will focus on self-exploration and personal development through participating in a series of community and university involvement opportunities within the five focus areas of personal exploration, academic success, professional development, civic responsibility and leadership.

In order to successfully complete the Sophomore Success Challenge, students must attend at least one program in each of the five focus areas, participate in one meetup per semester, complete one personal challenge each semester, and submit a series of short reflection assignments. Students who successfully complete all components of the Sophomore Success Challenge will be eligible to apply for $500 towards the signature project of their choice. Signature projects can be academic, professional, or personal in nature such as studying abroad, taking an acting class, or participating in a research conference.

Eligibility and Participation

This program is open to all second year Honors College students regardless of the number of earned degree credits. Students must be in good standing and complete the Sophomore Success Challenge application in order to be considered for participation. Selected participants will be invited to attend the Sophomore Success Challenge orientation. The application is currently closed.

Focus Areas

Personal Exploration Icon
Personal Exploration
– Personal exploration programs promote mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Eligible programs provide students with the opportunity to develop awareness of their personal and cultural values, as well as develop the ability to articulate their strengths, skills, knowledge, and areas for growth.


Academic Icon
Academic Success
Academic development programs promote academic success though encouraging formal and informal opportunities to engage with faculty, and enhance academic performance. Eligible programs may include major fairs, undergraduate research, faculty lectures or dinners, and/or workshops.


Professional Development Icon
Professional Development 
– Professional development programs help students prepare for internships, graduate education and/or professional careers. Eligible programs include professional development workshops, career fairs, graduate program information sessions, professional mentoring opportunities, or externship programs.


Civic Responsibility Icon
Civic Responsibility
  Civic responsibility programs encourage students to develop a commitment to service by exposing them to the experiences of people from different backgrounds and experiences. Eligible programs encourage students to reflect on their personal definition of social justice, help students demonstrate an awareness of the conditions and/or situations of others, and see value in the serving community.


Leadership Icon
Leadership development programs encourage students to develop and reflect on their ability to build collaborative relationships, manage teams, mediate conflict, and act as responsible leaders. Eligible programs include but are not limited to participation in leadership retreats, workshops and conferences.



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