The Honors College’s mentoring programs connect students with a range of mentors from their first days on campus, including Rutgers’ distinguished faculty; other students in their second year and beyond; graduate students from programs across the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses, including current medical students at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School; the deans of the Honors College; and Rutgers alumni and industry experts.

  • Mentor in Residence
    Selected honors students who are in their second year and beyond will also be living in the Honors College community, and will be available to students one-on-one to help with navigating Rutgers overall, their classes, and student life issues. 

  • HC Ally
    Selected honors students who are in their second year and beyond are paired with groups of Honors College first-year students with similar majors, schools, interests or career goals. By participating in these groups, first-year students will gain insight into navigating the social, extracurricular, and academic areas of college life.
  • Honors College Fellows
    In addition to faculty and peer mentors, there will also be teaching fellows in the Honors College who are senior level graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. These teaching fellows are much more than teaching assistants or instructors. They are core members of our community with deep knowledge and teaching experience who will frequently be in the building. 
  • Professional Mentors
    Beginning in their second year, students can attend a core workshop to learn about mentorship and networking. Attendance will provide them with access to a technology platform with industry experts serving as mentors to our Honors College undergraduates. 

  • Mentoring Pods with Graduate Mentor Fellows
    All students are invited to apply for the HC Mentoring Pod program linking undergraduates with full-time doctoral Mentor Fellows in a variety of academic and career fields. You can read about our Graduate Mentor Fellows who guide students through exploring professional and academic interests. A small group of undergraduates meet with their Graduate Mentor Fellow several times throughout the Fall semester, beginning and ending the experience with receptions hosted at the Honors College in New Brunswick. Additionally, the entire cohort of interdisciplinary students selected to participate in the Mentoring Pods gather for programming that will inform their college, research, and professional pursuits.

  • Professional development
    As students prepare to graduate, the Honors College will provide support in career mentoring and networking to help them through the transition to their career or graduate school. 

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