Media Team

Honors College Media Team

The Honors College Media Team is dedicated to capturing life in the Honors College community through the eyes of its students. Made up of photographers, videographers, graphic designers, writers, and other creative individuals, the Media Team contributes content to the Honors College website, student blog, social media platforms, newsletters, and marketing materials. The Media Team also has its own digital magazine, created by and for our students.

Key Initiatives

Peek, HC Digital Magazine—features the creative expressions of the Honors College community to feed the imagination through the written word, and the visual and performing arts, and to share what it means to be HC.

Honors College Annual Arts Show—an event to showcase the creative work of HC students, including a competition to select a work for featured display above the fireplace at the Honors College. This work will be donated to an HC partner non-profit organization after a year. Details for the inaugural show to come.

Honors College Featured Videos—see the Honors College YouTube Channel for all videos. Here are a few favorites:

If you are interested in joining the Honors College Media Team or have questions, please send an email to

Meet Our Media Team

Media Team Leaders

Ashley Lameiras
Lead Graphic Designer
Harry Nicolau
Lead Videographer
Simran Fernandes
Lead Social Media Developer, Writer
Michael Leonardis
Lead Snapchat Stories Developer
Daniel Peltyszyn
Lead Writer and Editor of Inside the Honors College
Alexander Tang
Lead Photographer

Media Team Members

Rachel Straub
Social Media
Aneesha Doshi
Mariel Go
Graphic Design
Minhee Han
Michaela Lozada
Graphic Design, Writing
Photography, Videography
George Soliman
Videography, Web Development
Cindy Song
Graphic Design
Chloe Tai
Graphic Design
Sophia Tai
Photography, Videography
Megan Wang

Contact Us

5 Seminary Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1167