Interdisciplinary Honors Seminars | Spring 2018

Building and Using Sensors

A.J. Both, Prof. and Extension Spec.
BioEnvironmental Engineering Prog
Monday, 2:15 – 5:15

Feed the World

Xenia Morin, Prof., Environ. Sci.
Mark Robson, Prof., Plant Sci.
Thursday, 2:15 – 5:15

Darwin and Literature

01:090:296:05 Index# 16122
Professor Paul Gilmore, Honors College
MTh 11:30A-12:50P
Honors College Rm N106
College Ave Campus

Sickle Cell Anemia

01:090:296:04 Index #13680
Abram Gabriel, Dept. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Wednesday 3:20 – 6:20 PM
CABM, Rm 308, Busch Campus

The Food-Energy-Water Nexus in the Anthropocene

01:090:296:01 Index# 11988     01:090:296:02 Index# 10532
Professor Nirav Patel, Honors College
T 8:10-9:30A     W1 8:10-9:30A     W2 9:50-11:10A
Academic Building, Room 1100
College Ave Campus

Historical Archaeology of Slavery

01:090:295:06 Index# 14330
Professor Carmel Schrire, SAS - Anthropology
W 2:15-5:15P
Biological Sciences Building, Room 206
Douglass Campus

Reading in Slow Motion

01:090:294:04 Index# 13266
Professor Richard Miller, SAS - English
MW 1:10-2:30PM
Academic Building, Room 1100
College Ave Campus

Cultures of American Adolescence

01:090:294:02 Index# 10527
Professor Leslie Fishbein, SAS - American Studies
M 9:15A-12:15P
Ruth Adams Building Rm 18
Douglass Campus

Genes and Evolution

01:090:294:01 Index# 10526
Professor Frank Deis, SAS - Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
MW 1:40-3P
Allison Road Classroom Rm 203
Busch Campus

Artificial Intelligence: A Cultural History

01:090:293:04 Index# 11991
Professor Emrah Efe Khayyat, SAS - Department of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Literatures
MW 4:30-5:50P
Honors College Rm E128
College Ave Campus

Walking in the Metropolis

01:090:293:03 Index# 10525
Professor Andrea Baldi, SAS - Italian
T-Th 1:10-2:30P
Honors College Rm S120
College Ave Campus

The Trump Phenomenon

01:090:292:03 Index# 13265
Professor David Greenberg, SAS-History
M 1:10-4:10P
Honors College Rm S124
College Ave Campus

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