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About HC Ally

The Honors College Experience is a four year journey of community engagement, academic exploration, intentional service, leadership, and a network of support from year one, to graduation, and for life. HC Ally is a central organization in bringing together the Four-Year Experience through building personal relationships among students. HC Ally Mentors are trained in socially responsible leadership providing them with skills and knowledge that will help them mentor their HC first-year mentees, as well as lead and serve in professional and student group endeavors throughout their college years and beyond. Your HC Ally family helps connect you to the diverse Honors College network through structured and point mentorship as well as annual HC traditions.

HC Ally is a mentoring program in which experienced Honors College students work with first-year Honors College students to help guide them through their transition into college and prepare them for success. This program supplements the Changemaking Mentor program and provides first-year students with more personalized mentoring from experienced Honors College peers. HC Ally pairs groups of Honors College first-year students with experienced Honors College students with similar majors, schools, or career goals. By participating in these groups, first-year students will gain insight into navigating the diverse social, extracurricular, and academic areas of college life. Through mentorship experiences, teambuilding events, and workshops we help foster curiosity, knowledge, and purpose in students.

Mission Statement

The goal of HC Ally is to provide Honors College first year students with help and guidance in areas ranging from academics to the social experience of Rutgers. Although this is an Honors College program, HC Ally looks to aid first year students during their time at Rutgers as a whole. We are committed to helping improve the experience of first year students, as well as providing a leadership opportunity for upper-class students. In addition to these goals, we would like to help build a stronger connection between the different years of the Honors College and foster these relationships and friendships.

About the Mentors

HC Ally Mentors bring a variety of experiences to their roles and provide support for their community members.  Our leaders represent the diversity of Rutgers and demonstrate to Honors College students that they are welcome in our communities.  Throughout their tenure, mentors exemplify the following characteristics:

  • Serving as role models in their communities
  • Providing meaningful programs for fellow Honors College students
  • Developing communities that encourage academic and personal growth
  • Collaborating with peers to provide a cohesive Honors College experience

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Meet Our HC Ally

Nila Uthirasamy
Nila Uthirasamy
Asha Bezwada
Asha Bezwada
VP Mentor Development
Ashima Tiwari
Ashima Tiwari
VP Event Planning
Brian Zhong
Brian Zhong
Technology Coordinator

Contact HC Ally

For questions, concerns, and comments, please contact HC Ally at ruhcally@gmail.com.