Featured Ongoing Opportunities

Honors College Sponsored Service

Honors College sponsored service enables Honors College students to work together in meaningful community service projects. Honors College students and staff will coordinate service opportunities all year long.

Examples include: Hospital Hearts, HC Ally Student Mentoring, A2E Tutoring Program, Craft Nights with Faculty Fellow Dr. Hartman, etc.

HC Serves: Hospital Hearts

Hospital Hearts is a recreational therapy program sponsored by the Honors College Service Assembly at the PSE&G Children’s Specialized Hospital at Robert Wood Johnson. Honors College students are invited to volunteer to visit the patients during recreational time on Sundays during the academic year. Volunteers must be available for the full time commitment and will receive two HC Serves hours for participating. 

For more information, please contact HCServiceAssembly@echo.rutgers.edu

HC Serves: New Brunswick Community Garden

Honors College students are encouraged to volunteer at Promise Garden, a premier urban agriculture demonstration site and community garden in the heart of downtown New Brunswick.  Promise Garden is run by Elijah's Promise, a local non-profit that harnesses the power of food to change lives.  The Honors College hosts volunteer opportunities to help with weeding, mulching, planting, site clean up, kid-friendly programs/activities, and more. 

HC Ally: Honors College Student Mentoring

HC Ally Mentors will be responsible for mentoring a small group of incoming first-year students during the academic year. This is not the same as the Mentors In Residence program, which is a paid position and does not count for service hours. 

For more information, please contact RUHCAlly@gmail.com.

Asset Based Community Driven Education (A2E)

Asset Based Community Development and Education (A2E) is a Youth Empowerment Services program that provides New Brunswick students with tutoring, mentoring and skill-building activities. Volunteers will serve 1-2 first through fourth grade students one day a week during the semester from 3:15-5:15 p.m. at Roosevelt Elementary School, a short walk from the Rockoff Hall bus stop on the EE Route. Apply to be an A2E tutor.

For more information, please contact youthempowermentclubru@gmail.com

Behavioral Assistant Program

The Collaborative, Rutgers’ Center for Community-Based Research and Service, is partnering with the Piscataway Public Schools to provide a program of support for students at risk for learning or behavioral difficulties. This unique opportunity will allow students to interact with teachers and children and gain exposure to cognitive-behavioral interventions to address behavioral difficulties for students in New Brunswick and Piscataway Public School classrooms.

To apply, email a copy of your unofficial transcript, resume, and a brief statement on why you want to be a Behavioral Assistant to collaborativerecruitment@gmail.com.


Civic Engagement & Service Education Partnerships (CESEP) Courses

The Civic Engagement and Service Education Partnerships (CESEP) Courses support service learning and the civic mission of Rutgers University by linking faculty and students to local, state, and national community organizations.

Sign up for a CESEP service course, visit: engage.rutgers.edu.


The Collaborative Mentoring Program

The Collaborative Mentoring Program supports promising, economically disadvantaged local students on their trajectory towards college acceptance while also examining questions of educational equity and opportunity through classroom learning. Make a difference in the life of local youth while receiving college credit and valuable leadership experience.

For more information or to apply, please email Madinah Elamin

Community After School Tutoring Program

Community After School Tutoring (CAST) helps students connect with positive role models and form a strong foundation of learning and so that they may succeed as students. This program is run through Youth Empowerment Services (YES), which provides free tutoring for children in grades 1-8 every weekday throughout the academic year. Tutoring takes place Monday through Friday from 3:30-5:30pm at YES, located at 270 George Street in New Brunswick.

For more information or to apply, email Ruth Loeffler.

The Conversation Tree: Community Based Language Partnerships

Support local community organizations offering English as a Second Language (ESL) services by serving as a conversation partner or small-group facilitator in conjunction with taking a 3-credit Community-Based Language-Learning class offered through the Graduate School of Education. In the course, students will engage in service learning opportunity and participate in informal conversation practice with local members of the community who are looking for opportunities to practice English, Mandarin, Spanish and/or Arabic. Email Dr. Mary Curran at mary.curran@gse.rutgers.edu for more information and/or a special permission number.


Future Scholars Mentoring Program

Rutgers Future Scholars Mentoring Program is dedicated to a student’s success and ultimate graduation by offering support through middle school years and admissions help and scholarship aid through high school. Apply to advise and mentor these academically promising first-generation middle and high school students in low-income New Brunswick and Piscataway schools.

For more information, visit futurescholars.rutgers.edu.

RU Pilot Me

RU PILOT ME is a community service-based organization motivated to enrich the experiences of youth in the surrounding New Brunswick community. The program's one-on-one service is geared towards providing a safe and educational environment for the children and aiding their social/verbal development.

For more information, email rupilotme@gmail.com.

Rutgers Bonner Leaders Program

The Rutgers Bonner Leaders Program gives students the opportunity to grow their leadership skills while serving in local community organizations for an extended time period to address issues such as hunger/homelessness, educational equity, and improving literacy while receiving federal work study funding for 300 hours of service a year.

For more information, visit engage.rutgers.edu.

Semester of Service

Semester of Service (SoS) was created by Off-Campus Living & Community Partnerships to provide opportunities for semester long service commitments for volunteers looking to gain meaningful and consistent experience for an extended period of time. Apply to participate in various sites, including Youth Empowerment Services, Ronald McDonald House, the New Brunswick Public Library, and more.

For more information, visit: ruoffcampus.rutgers.edu.

School of Arts and Sciences Honors Tutoring Program

Through the SASHP Tutoring Program, students in the SAS Honors Program and Honors College volunteer their time and knowledge to provide one-on-one tutoring for Rutgers students needing help in a wide range of academic subjects. Tutors choose the subjects and times in which they can offer assistance.

For questions about the Tutoring Program, please visit http://sashonors.rutgers.edu/student-life/leadership/tutoring-project.




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