Department-Based Honors Courses & Honors Sections

You have the opportunity to take honors sections of traditional courses during your time at Rutgers. These include general courses that often meet core school or major requirements, such as Honors Calculus and Honors Microeconomics, and will provide a smaller, more intensive experience than the traditional, non-honors sections of these courses.

You will also have access to special departmental honors seminars that can fulfill major requirements and offer greater opportunities for high-achieving students to go in-depth into a faculty member’s area of interest.

Finally, you can take honors contract courses. With the prior approval of the course instructor and the Honors College academic dean, you can take sections of traditional courses with an honors contract to perform additional assignments—research, independent study, and more.

Spring 2019 Courses


Language, Culture, Society (3) 

01:070:108:H1 Index#18554

Professor Kathleen Riley

Biological Sciences

General Biology II (4)
01:119:116:H1 Index #00022
Professor Beal

01:119:116 H2 Index #04759
Professor Stern Cardinale

Prereqs: 01:119:115 or 01:119:101

Brain, Mind, and Behavior (3)
01:119:195:H1 Index #07108 
01:119:195:H2 Index #07394 
01:119:195:H3 Index #07395
Professor J. Schjott

Business Analytics & Information Technology (BAIT)

Statistical Methods in Business (3)
33:136:385:H1 Index #14537
Class Level: Sophomore Junior Senior

Cell Biology & Neuroscience

Physiological Adaptation: Heart, Stress, and Exercise (3)
01:146:310:H1 Index #13573
Professor R. Golfetti


Honors General Chemistry (4)
01:160:164:H1 Index #03881
01:160:164:H2 Index #03882
Professors Nieuwkoop- K. Sethi
Prereq: 01:160:163 Coreq: 640:136 Or 640:138 Or 640:152 or Equivalent

Honors Organic Chemistry (4)
01:160:316:H1 Index #07825
01:160:316:H2 Index #07827
01:160:316:H3 Index #07828
Professors L. Williams – H. Roth-O'Connor
Prereq: 01:160:315

Comparative Literature

Our World (4)
01:195:220:H1 Index #15567

Professors J. Marcone- T. White

SAS Signature Course

Computer Science

Honors Seminar Computer Science (1)
01:198:195:H1 Index# 08240
Professor L. Sorensen


Introduction to Macroeconomics (3)
01:220:103:H1 Index #03112 Professor N. Sheflin
01:220:103:H2 Index #12268 Professor J. Skydell
Prerequisite: H sections for honors students only. See online schedule for prereqs.

English: Creative Writing

Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
01:351:209:H1 Index# 11609 Professor P. Bielecki
01:351:212:H1 Index #12902 Professor P. Blaney

English: Theories and Methods

Principles of Literary Study: Poetry (3)
01:359:201:H1 Index #11562 Professor M. Doty
Prereq: 01:355:101 or 01:355:103 or 21:355:102 or 21:355:104 or 50:350:102


Approaches to French Literature (3)
01:420:218:H1 Index #05150 Professor Piroux
Prereq: 01:420:132 or Placement; Test or Permission of Dept;
Credit Not Given for this Course & 01:420:216


Analysis of Scientific Literature (3)
01:447:216:H1 Index #10253 Professor D. Glodowski
Prereq: 01:119:102 or 01:119:116 highly recommend 01:694:215

Genetics (4)
01:447:380:H1 Index #12804
01:447:380:H2 Index #12805
Professor D. Glodowski

Genetic Analysis II (4)
01:447:385:H1 Index #12631 Professor K. McKim


Climate Change and Society (3)
01:450:370:H1 Index #12940 Professor Leichenko

Geological Sciences

Sea Change (3)
01:460:110:H1 Index# 20188 Professor K. Miller
SAS Signature Course

The Water Planet (3)
01:460:204:H1 Index #13020 Professors Sherrell- Y. Rosenthal

German, Russian and East European Languages & Literature

Fairy Tales Then and Now (3)
01:470:225:H1 Index #13662
Professor M. Helfer
For Honors Students only

Modern Greek Studies

Topics Modern Greek (3)
01:489:390:H1 Index# 14835
Professor E. Kostopoulou


Ritual Myth and Propaganda (4)
01:510:245:H1 Index# 18669
Professor Bellany


Exploring Language (3)
01:615:101:H1 Index#18823
Professor T. Messick

Introduction to Linguistic Theory (3)
01:615:201:H1 Index #15563
Professor R. Karlin

Management & Global Business

Introduction to Management (3)
33:620:301:H1 Index #10122


Introduction to Marketing (3)
33:630:301:H1 Index #10126
Professor Monga
Class Level: Sophomore, Junior, Senior


Calculus II Math/Physics (4)
01:640:152:H1 Index #03580
01:640:152:H2 Index #12813
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:135 or 01:640:137 or 01:640:143 or 01:640:151 or 01:640:153 or 01:640:191 or 62:640:135 or 21:640:135

Multivariable Calculus (4)
01:640:251:H1 Index #05164
01:640:251:H2 Index #08578
01:640:251:H3 Index #12702
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or 01:640:152 or 01:640:154 or 21:640:136 or 50:640:122 or 62:640:136

Honors Calculus IV (4)
01:640:292:H1 Index #03381
Prereq: 640:291 or Permission of Department Prereq or Coreq: 640:250

Introduction to Math Reasoning (3)
01:640:300:H1 Index #11778
Prereqs: 01:640:152 or 01:640:154 or 01:640:192 or 21:640:136 or 62:640:136

Introduction to Real Analysis I (4)
01:640:311:H1 Index #12833
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:244 or 01:640:252 or 01:640:292 and 01:640:300

Linear Algebra (3)
01:640:350:H1 Index #12832
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:244) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:252) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:292)

Mathematical Analysis II (3)
01:640:412:H1 Index #00280
Prereq: 01:640:411

Abstract Algebra II (3)
01:640:452:H1 Index #03897
Prereq: 01:640:451


Concepts of Physics (3)
01:750:106:H1 Index #04814
Professor E. Halkiadakis

Analytical Physics I (2)
01:750:124:H1 Index# 15534
01:750:124:H2 Index# 15535
01:750:124:H5 Index# 15536
01:750:124:H8 Index# 15537

Analytical Physics II (3)
01:750:228:H1 Index# 20428
01:750:228:H2 Index# 20425
01:750:228:H3 Index# 20429
Professor P. Coleman

Honors Physics II (3)
01:750:272:H1 Index #02792
01:750:272:H9 Index #13996
Professor K. Rabe
Prereq: 01:750:271

Classical Physics Lab (2)
01:750:276:H4 Index #02793
01:750:276:H7 Index #13997
Professor G. Blumberg
Prereq: 01:750:271 or 01:750:275


General Psychology (3)
01:830:101:H1 Index #06124
Professor M. Ingate

Cognition (3)
01:830:305:H1 Index# 19536
Professor A. Leslie

Research in Psychology
01:830:391:H1 Index# 15855 Professor L. Hackel
01:830:391:H2 Index# 15856 Professor Hemmer
01:830:391:H3 Index# 16854 Professor L. Hoggard
01:830:391:H4 Index# 18898 Professor J. Hudson


Introduction to the Study of Language (3)
01:940:261:H1 Index #07063
Professor J. Camacho
Special permission of department
CoReq/PreReq: 01:940:202 or 01:940:204

Supply Chain Management

Intro to Supply Chain Management (3)
01:799:301:H1 Index #06186
Professor D. Klepacki

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