Department-Based Honors Courses & Honors Sections

You have the opportunity to take honors sections of traditional courses during your time at Rutgers. These include general courses that often meet core school or major requirements, such as Honors Calculus and Honors Microeconomics, and will provide a smaller, more intensive experience than the traditional, non-honors sections of these courses.

You will also have access to special departmental honors seminars that can fulfill major requirements and offer greater opportunities for high-achieving students to go in-depth into a faculty member’s area of interest.

Finally, you can take honors contract courses. With the prior approval of the course instructor and the Honors College academic dean, you can take sections of traditional courses with an honors contract to perform additional assignments—research, independent study, and more.

Fall 2019 Courses

Please note: These courses have been scheduled by the individual departments. They may cancel or reschedule them at their discretion. The Honors College does not monitor departmental course cancellations.


Administrative Studies

Introduction to Business (3)
33:011:100:H1 Index#11081


Language, Culture, and Society (3)
01:070:108:H1 Index #15546
Professor Riley

Biological Sciences

General Biology I (4)
01:119:115:H1 Index #02336
Professor Beal
01:119:115:H2 Index #00042
Professor Stern-Cardinale

Brain, Mind, and Behavior (3)
01:119:195:H1 Index #05345 Class Level: First Year
01:119:195:H2 Index #07697 Class Level: Sophomore
01:119:195:H3 Index #07698
Professor Schjott

Business Analytics & Information Technology (BAIT)

Operations Management (3)
33:136:386:H1 Index #09242


Honors General Chemistry (4)
01:160:163:H1 Index #14850 Class Level: First Year
Professor York and Professor Sethi
Prereq: 01:160:112 or 640:115 or 640:151 or 640:135

Honors Organic Chemistry (4)
01:160:315:H1 Index #03315
01:160:315:H2 Index #05457
01:160:315:H3 Index #06309
Professor York, Professor Sethi, Professor Williams and Professor Roth
Prereq: 01:160:160 or 01:160:162 or 01:160:164

Comparative Literature

Our World: Social Justice and the Environment (4)
01:195:220:H1 Index #19147
Professor Marcone

{Computer Science}

Introduction to Discrete Structure II (4)
01:198:206:H1 Index #14529 
Professor Awasthi
By special permission
See online schedule for prereqs

Creative Writing

Introduction to Multimedia Composition (3)
01:351:209:H1 Index #11528
Professor Bielcki
01:351:209:H2 Index #19637
Professor Votipka

Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
01:351:211:H1 Index #09906
Professor Blaney
01:351:211:H2 Index #17616
Professor Furhman


Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
01:220:102:H1 Index #03063
Professor Skydel   
01:220:102:H3 Index #11859
Professor Hohmann
See online schedule for prereqs

Inequality (3)
01:220:120:H1 Index #18930
Professor Campbell 

SAS Signature Course

Advanced Cross Sectional and Panel Econometrics (3)
01:220:401:H2 Index #15873
Professor Piehl
See online schedule for prereqs

English: Composition and Writing

Exposition and Argument
01:090:355:H3 Index #11653
01:090:355:H4 Index #17551
01:090:355:H5 Index #11628
01:090:355:H6 Index# 17701
01:090:355:HA Index #11629
01:090:355:HB Index #11654
01:090:355:HD Index #11655
01:090:355:HE Index #18081
01:090:355:HF Index #11630
01:090:355:HI Index #11631
01:090:355:HJ Index #18082
01:090:355:HL Index #11632
01:090:355:HM Index #11654
01:090:355:HJ Index #18082
01:090:355:HL Index #11632
01:090:355:HM Index #13394
01:090:355:HN Index #13395
01:090:355:HO Index #11633
01:090:355:HQ Index #11634
01:090:355:HS Index #11635
01:090:355:HU Index #18055
Professor Warren, Professor, Reardon, Professor Becker and Professor Jovanoski


Approaches to French Literature (3)
01:420:217:H1 Index #05315

Approaches to French Literature (3)
01:420:218:H1 Index #13881
Professor Piroux

Geological Sciences

The Water Planet
01:460:204:H1 Index #19144
Professor Rosenthal


Genetics (4)
01:447:380:H1 Index #11805
01:447:380:H2 Index #11806
Professor Glodowski

Genetic Analysis I (4)
01:447:384:H1 Index #11808
Professor Verzi


Wars, Wayfarers and the Wall: A History of the US-Mexican Border
01:506:260:H1 Index #19248
Professor Townsend

SAS Signature Course


Exploring Language
01:615:101:H1 Index #19175


Introduction to Marketing (3)
33:630:301:H1 Index #01713 Class Level: No First-Year Students


Calculus I Math/Physics (4)
01:640:151:H1 Index #00271
01:640:151:H2 Index #04919      
01:640:151:H3 Index #11790

Calculus II Math/Physics (4)
01:640:152:H1 Index #00274
01:640:152:H2 Index #11794
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:135 or 01:640:137 or 01:640:143 or 01:640:151 or 01:640:153 or 01:640:191 or 62:640:135 or 21:640:135

Honors Calculus II (4)
01:640:192:H1 Index #00276

Multivariable Calculus (4)
01:640:251:H1 Index #03049
01:640:251:H2 Index #05571
01:640:251:H3 Index #07065
01:640:251:H4 Index #11798
01:640:251:H5 Index #11799
01:640:251:H6 Index #11801
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or 01:640:152 or 01:640:154 or 21:640:136 or 50:640:122 or 62:640:136

Honors Calculus III (4)
01:640:291:H1 Index #00184
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or Special Permission

Introduction to Math Reasoning (3)
01:640:300:H1 Index #05000
01:640:300:H2 Index #11857

Introduction to Real Analysis I (4)
01:640:311:H1 Index #11415
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:244 or 01:640:252 or 01:640:292 and 01:640:300

Linear Algebra (3)
01:640:350:H1 Index #11336
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:244) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:252) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:292)

Mathematical Analysis I (3)
01:640:411:H1 Index #00294

Abstract Algebra I (3)
01:640:451:H1 Index #03268

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Introduction to Molecular Biology Research (4)
01:694:215:H1 Index #05066 Class Level: First Year Students
Professor Vershon
By special permission
See online schedule for prereqs

Introduction to Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics Research (4)
01:694:316:H1 Index #12131 Class Level: MBB or Genetics Second or Third Year Students
Professor Vershon
By special permission
See online schedule for prereqs


Analytical Physics I (2)
01:750:123:H1 Index #13775
01:750:123:H2 Index #13897
01:750:123:H3 Index #13898
01:750:123:H4 Index #13899
01:750:123:H6 Index #13900
Professor Diaconsecu

Analytical Physics II (3)
01:750:227:H1 Index #15926
01:750:227:H2 Index #15927
01:750:227:H3 Index #15928
01:750:227:H4 Index #15929
Professor Rabe

Honors Physics I (3)
01:750:271:H3 Index #02908
Professor Kiryukhin
Prereq: 01:640:112

Honors Physics III (3)
01:750:273:H1 Index #02832
Professor Chou

Classical Physics Lab I (2) 
01:750:275:H1 Index #03489
01:750:275:H4 Index #13314
Professor Lee

Political Science

Nature of Politics (3)
01:790:101:H1 Index #04231
Professor Bronner

Introduction to International Relations (3)
01:790:102:H1 Index #11405
Professor Kenwick

Law and Politics (3)
01:790:106:H1 Index #05060
Professor Wollenberg

Advanced Studies in Law III (3)
01:790:412:H1 Index #19538
Professor Heumann


General Psychology (3)
01:830:101:H1 Index #06208
Professor Ingate
01:830:101:H2 Index #11598
Professor Foels


Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)
01:940:215:H1 Index #07265
Professor Bishop

Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain (3)
33:799:301:H1 Index #10243

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