Department-Based Honors Courses & Honors Sections

You have the opportunity to take honors sections of traditional courses during your time at Rutgers. These include general courses that often meet core school or major requirements, such as Honors Calculus and Honors Microeconomics, and will provide a smaller, more intensive experience than the traditional, non-honors sections of these courses.

You will also have access to special departmental honors seminars that can fulfill major requirements and offer greater opportunities for high-achieving students to go in-depth into a faculty member’s area of interest.

Finally, you can take honors contract courses. With the prior approval of the course instructor and the Honors College academic dean, you can take sections of traditional courses with an honors contract to perform additional assignments—research, independent study, and more.

Fall 2018 Courses


Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)
33:010:272:H1 Index #08681
Professor Adesso

Administrative Studies

Introduction to Business (3)
33:011:100:H1 Index#12323

American Studies

The American Dream (4)
01:050:210:H1 Index #18382
Professor Masur


Language, Culture, and Society (3)
01:070:108:H1 Index #18614
Professor Schulthies

Biological Sciences

General Biology I (4)
01:119:115:H1 Index #02554
Professor Beal
01:119:115:H2 Index #00043
Professor Stern-Cardinale

Brain, Mind, and Behavior (3)
01:119:195:H1 Index #05885 Class Level: First Year Student
01:119:195:H2 Index #08451 Class Level: Sophomore
01:119:195:H3 Index #08452
Professor J. Schjott

Business Analytics & Information Technology (BAIT)

Operations Management (3)
33:136:386:H1 Index #10175
Professor Ely

Cell Bio and Neuro Sci

Physiological Adaptation: Heart, Stress and Exercise (3)


Honors General Chemistry (4)
01:160:163:H1 Index #17461 Class Level: First-Year Student
Prereq: 01:160:112 Or 640:115 Or 640:151 or 640:135

Honors Organic Chemistry (4)
01:160:315:H1 Index #03672
01:160:315:H2 Index #06005
01:160:315:H3 Index #06943
Professor Williams
Prereq: 01:160:160 or 01:160:162 Or 01:160:164

Creative Writing

Introduction to Multimedia Composition (3)
01:351:209:H1 Index #12829
Professor P. Bielcki

Introduction to Creative Writing (3)
01:351:211:H1 Index #10955

01:351:211:H2 Index #21565
Professor P. Blaney


Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
01:220:102:H1 Index #03389
Professor J. Skydel
01:220:102:H3 Index #13209
Professor Hohmann
See online schedule for prereqs

Advanced Cross Sectional and Panel Econometrics (3)
01:220:401:H1 Index #19093
Professor Piehl
See online schedule for prereqs

English: Literature

The Coming Apocalypse (4) (SAS SIGNATURE COURSE)
01:358:205:H1 Index #15528
Professor R. Miller

English: Theories and Methods

Principles of Literary Study: Poetry (3)
01:359:201:H1 Index #14504
Professor Davidson


Financial Management for Finance Majors (3)
33:390:310:H1 Index #10228
Professor O. Palmon


Approaches to French Literature (3)
01:420:217:H1 Index #05853
Professor M. Shaw

Approaches to French Literature (3)

01:420:218:H1 Index #15827
Professor Vinas

Major French Writers in Translation (3)
01:420:242:H1 Index #20872
Professor Piroux


Honors Computational Genetics (3)
01:447:203:H1 Index #15438
Professor T. Matise
Pre-Reqs: Honors Program or Honors College 1st Year SAS Students ONLY with AP Biology Credit

Genetics (4)
01:447:380:H1 Index #13151
01:447:380:H2 Index #13152
Professor Michaelis

Genetic Analysis I (4)
01:447:384:H1 Index #13154
Professor M. Verzi


Management Skills (3)
33:620:302:H1 Index #11758


Introduction to Marketing (3)
33:630:301:H1 Index #01879
Class Level: No First-Year Students


Calculus I Math/Physics (4)
01:640:151:H1 Index #00291
01:640:151:H2 Index #05421
01:640:151:H3 Index #13133

Calculus II Math/Physics (4)
01:640:152:H1 Index #00294
01:640:152:H2 Index #13137
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:135 or 01:640:137 or 01:640:143 or 01:640:151 or 01:640:153 or 01:640:191 or 62:640:135 or 21:640:135

Honors Calculus II (4)
01:640:192:H1 Index #00296

Multivariable Calculus (4)
01:640:251:H1 Index #03375
01:640:251:H2 Index #06137
01:640:251:H3 Index #07778
01:640:251:H4 Index #13142
01:640:251:H5 Index #13143
01:640:251:H6 Index #13145
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or 01:640:152 or 01:640:154 or 21:640:136 or 50:640:122 or 62:640:136

Honors Calculus III (4)
01:640:291:H1 Index #00304
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:192 or Special Permission

Introduction to Math Reasoning (3)
01:640:300:H1 Index #05511
01:640:300:H2 Index #13207

Introduction to Real Analysis I (4)
01:640:311:H1 Index #12709
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: 01:640:244 or 01:640:252 or 01:640:292 and 01:640:300

Linear Algebra (3)
01:640:350:H1 Index #12623
By Permission: Department Staff
Prereqs: (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:244) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:252) or (01:640:250 and 01:640:250 and 01:640:300 and 01:640:292)

Mathematical Analysis I (3)
01:640:411:H1 Index #00314

Abstract Algebra I (3)
01:640:451:H1 Index #03619

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

Introduction to Molecular Biology Research (4)
01:694:215:H1 Index #05587
Professor A. Vershon
By special permission
Class Level: First Year Students
See online schedule for prereqs for Honors Students Only

Introduction to Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Genetics Research (4)
01:694:316:H1 Index #13530
Professor A. Vershon
By special permission
Class Level: MBB or Genetics Second or Third Year Students
See online schedule for prereqs for Honors Students Only


Introduction to Philosophy
01:730:103:H1 Index # 19410
Professor Egan

Current Moral and Social Issues
Professor Egan



Analytical Physics I (2)
01:750:123:H1 Index #15617
01:750:123:H2 Index #15863
01:750:123:H3 Index #15864
01:750:123:H4 Index #15865
01:750:123:H6 Index #15867
Professor E. Diaconsecu

Analytical Physics II (3)
01:750:227:H1 Index #19160
01:750:227:H2 Index #19161
01:750:227:H3 Index #19162
01:750:227:H4 Index #19163
Professor Rabe

Honors Physics I (3)
01:750:271:H3 Index #03215
01:750:271:H4 Index #03705
Professor A. Lath
Prereq: 01:640:112

Honors Physics III (3)
01:750:273:H1 Index #03135
01:750:273:H4 Index #13028

Classical Physics Lab I (2)
01:750:275:H1 Index #03858
01:750:275:H4 Index #14973
Professor Lee

Political Science

Nature of Politics (3)
01:790:101:H1 Index #04682

Introduction to International Relations (3)
01:790:102:H1 Index #12698

Law and Politics (3)
01:790:106:H1 Index #05581
Professor Y. Wollenberg

Advanced Studies in Law II (3)
01:790:411:H1 Index #19267


General Psychology (3)
01:830:101:H1 Index #06836
Professor Foels
01:830:101:H2 Index #12912
Professor M. Ingate


Religions Now: 21st Century Controversies (SAS SIGNATURE COURSE)
01:840:105:H1 Index #14363


Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3)
01:940:215:H1 Index #08005
Professor Kim


After the Holocaust
Professor Gerson

Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Supply Chain (3)
33:799:301:H1 Index #11348
Professor D. Klepacki

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