Honors College Academic & Career Mentoring Program

The Honors College Academic & Career Mentoring Program connects undergraduate students with full-time doctoral Mentor Fellows in a variety of academic and career fields. The Graduate Mentor Fellows guide their students through exploring professional and academic interests. First-year undergraduates meet with their Graduate Mentor Fellow throughout the Fall semester, beginning and ending the experience with receptions hosted at the Honors College. Students discuss trends in their academic interest areas, go on site visits/lab tours, talk about how to best develop professional and academic portfolios, and much more! 

Meet Our Graduate Mentor Fellows

First-year students connect with Honors College Graduate Mentor Fellows who provide mentorship within their academic area of expertise during the Fall semester, helping students not only adjust to college-life but also take deep dives into their academic interests and explore related careers.

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Past Student Executive Leadership Team Members

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Aarti Badami

Hena Shah

Jacqueline Mehr

Samantha Moy

Past Student Pod Mentors

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Anne Zou

Anthony Sochan

Elizabeth Park

Emma Cordover

Jocelyn Dacquel

Judy Dao

Kimberlee Sibilia

Mugdha Parulekar

Nishtha Trivedi

Rishabh Hirday

Rushabh Mehta

Shivani Vyas

Swathi Vasudevan

Tanvi Banota

Tara Krishna