HC Serves Experience Trips

HC Serves Experience Trips immerse students in important social issues throughout the United States with a weeklong experience where students live, work, and serve together. As part of the Honors College mission to develop service-minded “innovation citizens,” participating in a trip will fulfill the minimum requirement of 30 hours of approved service work. Our experiences teach participants about a particular community issue during four weeks of pre-trip meetings leading up to the volunteer break excursion.

On site, students provide necessary services and explore the culture and the history of the area where they serve. Students who participate in this program cultivate social responsibility, leadership, and lifelong learning; thereby fostering a generation of leaders committed to positive social change.

HC Serves Experiences 2020-21

Check back for more information about HC Serves Experience trips for the 2020-21 academic year.  The Honors College will act in alignment with the University's decisions regarding domestic travel.

HC Serves Experiences 2019-20

See below for information about last year's HC Serves Experience Trips.

Honors Health & Wellness | January 5-11, 2020

Working with community partners in a health and wellness experience. This experience will prioritize participation of sophomore and junior students.
Cost: $200

Hunger& Food Insecurity in New Brunswick:  Service Learning & Alternative Spring Break | March 15-21, 2020

This Spring 2020 Byrne Seminar is open to first-year students only and will be held on Tuesdays, 11:30-12:50 in the Academic Building. This course will introduce students to the problem of hunger and food insecurity in New Brunswick, how it is measured, and programs designed to address it. Students will have the opportunity to visit and work at food pantries and a soup kitchen, all located in downtown New Brunswick. The importance of civic engagement will be discussed throughout the semester. Enrolled students are required to participate in a week-long immersive service-learning experience during the Rutgers spring break. The immersive service learning will take place in New Brunswick and allow students to volunteer at community organizations, connect and apply their classroom learning to the service sector, and reflect upon their experiences with their peers. Students will write a reflection of what they have learned over the semester. Students must be 18 years of age when the course begins. If students are unable to commit to participation in the immersive service learning over spring break, they should not enroll in this course. There is no additional cost to participating in this course and break trip.

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For any questions or concerns about HC Serves Experience Trips, please contact HCServes@echo.rutgers.edu.